Tuesday, August 4, 2009

all i want for christmas is you

on saturday i bought a few dollar cds at half price books to have in my car. one of them was mariah carey's christmas album... i have heard it many a time and have it on my computer, but i couldn't resist it for a dollar. my roommate and i in the dorms used to listen to it on repeat all year long, good times. since buying it i have been listening to the track all i want for christmas is you over and over again, whenever the radio doesn't please me. (anybody wanna watch love actually? i do.) i currently have pandora set to a station based on all i want for christmas is you and it's making me happy to clean my room. christmas!

my last 2 runs have been consistently 2.5 miles and although i'm really eager to increase the distance (to the point that i'm kinda disappointed when i'm unable to push through it...) i'm happy to report i'm still enjoying it. the enjoying part usually comes after the run, but the post happiness is worth every second of "oh my god, what am i doing? why am i doing this?!"

having a clean bedroom does wonders for clarity of mind... i feel so fresh and calm... the christmas music ain't bad either :)


  1. i relate to the rock star... but dont tell anyone

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, I listened to that while I cleaned last night :) I have all kinds of Christmas songs on my Itunes and they randomly pop up all year long. I love it!

  3. Christmas songs already?! Noooooooo! :D

    Nice job on the runs! I think the main thing is you're still going after it, so don't get too disappointed. But I get you on the enjoying part coming afterwards :D