Thursday, February 26, 2009

my bad

last weekend was my bad. i was drawn in by the lure of s/f candy (it was the sale price that did it, damn you pricing gods!!). i realized after 2 days of over endulging that i had to take the reins and get back on track. i am happy to report that i focused and kept on plan after the ruff weekend, and as of this morning my weight is back at last week's weigh in. i would be disappointed if i hadn't overcome a little fall of the wagon... but i did! i'm thrilled to know i can pick myself up, dust myself off and continue on. i am reassured that this is my way of eating and a life change for good.

cheers to an on plan weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2009

snow covered weekend

weigh in time! i must have convinced my body i was concerned, because i had a loss!

last week: 207.2
this week: 205.6!

1.6... and i will take it! it is supposed to snow like a mad man tomorrow, so i might be hibernating saturday :)

have a lovely weekend!


today i declined a part time job offer. it was too far away and too late at night. it was a good decision and i will find a different one. it still disappoints me though, grrrrr.

thanks for the comments people! you are all fabulous. i don't care how much i lose this week! well, as long as i don't gain hahaha. today is an "i feel thin" day, so i'm feeling awesome. AND IT'S FRIDAY!! i really haven't gotten enough sleep all week, so i'm lookin' forward to some quality bed and me time over the weekend.

omg i bought sunflower seed kernels a couple days ago. DE-LICIOUS, but salty as hell. it's like eating salt... delicious sunflower seed flavored salt. i made the wise decision to leave them at work. that way i won't go crazy on them over the weekend :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


this week isn't planning out so well... at least in the weight loss arena. i think there will be a loss, but a very small one at that. i guess it can be expected after the pretty decent numbers the last few weeks, but i'm impatient! i will have to wait until my body realizes i'm still serious :)

i think i'll measure tonight. i've only ever measured my waist. i will do more tonight, so that i have another way to track my progress (sadekat told me to). it's too bad i didn't do it sooner, just from the waist numbers i know i've lost quite a bit. i still have weight to lose though, so it will be good for weeks like these where i may need a reminder that health and weight loss is much more than the number on the scale.

chai's and cyagirl's switch to counting calories intrigue me and i think that might be a great idea for me in the future. (i'll put links for their awesome blogs later, i'm at work and emailing this post lol) i think for now i will concentrate on a clean induction style food plan and consistent exercise. i went a little wild and crazy with cheese and dairy this week :) i live in wisconsin.

side note: damn those california cow commericals!! they anger me. cows don't like to be hot! i often yell at the tv during those commercials, gah! ok, end of california cow rant.

in non-weight loss news, i'm going to book club tonight! it's my first time and i'm excited. i'm meeting two friends for dinner and then we're going together. i have no idea who is in it besides my two friends and i have no idea where it is, haha. i did read the book though, so i've got that down.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

holy mackerel

4 month low carb-iversay! i started on october 15, 2008. i weighed in today at...


on low carb that's a total of 56.8 lost! and 60.8 total! (after i finally weighed myself in august)

here's a little comparison photo - the red garb was for a badger football game! and it's actually one of the better ones, some are just too terrible:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

pink hearts everywhere

happy valentine's day! tell everyone you love you love them, but don't necessarily go all commercial holiday crazy on them. :)

i kinda failed at keeping up with the posting of foods... woops! for the last 2 days i've essentially had taco salad for every meal. my mom brought home "left overs" from dinner at a friends house and apparently they made enough for a family of 12 to have 4 dinners. it's crazy how much taco meat was in our fridge. bad news because i loooove tacos and i tend to eat more than i should... AND the store bought seasoning has sugar and more carbs than you should be eating on a carb conscious plan (i would normally just season the meat with cumin and other delicious taco spices).

oh and i didn't forget to weigh in, i just haven't yet. i started low carbing on october 15, 2008, so i thought it would be fitting to weigh in tomorrow on the 15th for my 4 month anniversary. it's not gonna be too exciting especially with the loads of taco meat i have consumed in the past 2 days hahaha.

i will post my weight here tomorrow whether or not i have time to make a weigh in video for youtube, so you'll be the first ones to know the results for da week.

love somebody today, people like that ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

shut up brain

i used to think too much about exercise. my mind would dwell. i would talk myself out of things or make deals with myself... like if i was not feeling like exercising as planned i'd tell myself as long as i did it the next day or as long as i ate very well that would be fine. thinking like this and making those decisions always ended with regret. the time spent exercising is far and beyond worth the energy and happy endorphins it produces… let alone the health benefits that result.

i had one of those arguments with my brain yesterday… by 2pm i had decided that i could skip the y as long as i ate well that evening. luckily, the brilliant weather yesterday and a little bit of logic kicked in and i auto piloted over to the y after work. it felt good to overcome that illogical train of thought. i know those arguments will still come up, but i'm glad to know i can overcome them too. here's to a new way of thinking!

yesterday food wise:
breakfast: burger patty (lol, yeah it looked good idk)
lunch: s/f jello! green beans and roast beef
snack: cold hot dog :)
dinner: chicken salad and fresh spinach (delish)

48 oz water
12 oz diet coke (it was staring at me)

Monday, February 9, 2009

monday, monday

busy work day, sleepy evening. i have an interview for a pt job wednesday evening, i figure more money can't be bad. i saw "he's just not that into you" on sunday, and enjoyed it thoroughly. i love that justin long. my only complaint about it would be scarlett johanson, she just rubs me the wrong way. a longer more interesting post will happen in the near future, i swear :)

breakfast: none (shame on me)
lunch: low carb tortilla, roast beef, turkey and mayo (3.5)
snack: salami and cheese (2)
din din: 2 burger patties w/cheese, mayo and low carb ketchup, green beans (7)

3.5 16oz bottles o' water (i refill one at work)
1 12 oz orange la croix water

i'm gonna try and concentrate on water this week especially after that sodium filled weekend :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

food glorious food

i wanted to make sure and keep up with sadekat's challenge to post everything consumed this week, but i'm super tired from a day of driving... here's a quick post:

sunday's menu

8 strips of bacon (yes 8, bacon is a once in a while item, we were out to eat and i went to town) (1.0)
3 sausage links (0.5)
2 scrambled eggs (1.5)

10 slices of cucumber (1.5)
3 slices green pepper (1.0)
chicken breast (0)

cobb salad from culver's sans croutons (12)
less than 1/2 ranch dressing (1.5)

1 22 oz diet caffeine free pepsi (0)
2 20 oz waters (0)

Friday, February 6, 2009

i'm a dork

As promised here's the weigh in video... I dorked out just a bit when editing this video, so get ready for it. :) If you wanna see the first 2 I made you can see them here. I will post them on my blog from now on.


Hi all! It's Friday, so let's just hop to it...

Weigh in: 209.8

3.8 down since last week's weigh in of 213.6

That's crazytalk! There was definitely a whoosh this week. I had loads of water and I can't even remember eating anything sweet after the delicous broccoli crunch was gone. I exercised, but not as much as I planned. That's part of my goal for this week, consistent exercise and eating to my BMR. I can't let changes in my schedule effect my need to exercise, stop being a lazy self! I will also pre-plan my meals this week, there was far too much "aaaah! I don't have anything ready for lunch today!" last week.

I actually weighed in yesterday because I wanted to make a youtube video and I won't have enough time today... and doh! I forgot to say here that I started vlogging too! It's pretty frightening, but I love editing the videos. I used to do a podcast with my roommates and I miss the fun of producing. I made 2 short videos so far... I will link em later today when I get home from work.

Last night I made my first weigh in video, got it uploaded and then had technical difficulties and took it down. It will be up again this evening though, I promise.

Thanks sooo much to Sadekat and Justacameragirl for commenting on it! I'm sad I didn't realize til it was gone :(

Have a great weekend everybody!

Monday, February 2, 2009

gimme some sugar

i love linda. her recipes are amazing, and her listing of nutrients with both granular splenda and liquid splenda inspired me to finally try some liquid sweetener. i am kinda weirded out by the idea of liquid sweetener and the fact that i must order it online, but... i saw a link for ez-sweetz. i paid less than 3 dollars shipping and handling for a sample. it's an itty bitty baby bottle, i've lost it a couple times already haha. it says it has 180 drops in it and 24 drops equals 1 cup of sugar sweetness. worth my 3 dollars.

i avoid eating sweetener in general, but it's nice to have some recipes with sweetness sometimes. it takes the edge off if i'm craving something i shouldn't be.

my first two experiments with it were cole slaw (i loooove cole slaw, but the granular splenda was making it a bit too carby for my menus) and linda's broccoli crunch salad. both turned out wonderfully. i took the cole slaw to work and the guys devoured it, i was sad i didn't have more lol. i haven't tried any baking with it yet, so that will be my next experiment :)

here's a pic of the broccoli crunch!