Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i am a fan of tuesday mondays

i like it when the week starts on tuesday. maybe we can work on that happening every week...

the weekend was super fun and tiring! a few things i learned over the long weekend:

1. the ymca rocks for having the away program, allowing me to use their madison location and keep on track with the couch to 5k. yesterday was week 2 day 2!
2. i am too used to getting up at 5am... so staying up til 4am was not a good idea.
3. i have terrible short term memory sometimes... i borrowed my friends house key when i went to the y monday morning... and i still have it! i'm going to the post office after work to mail it back to her. luckily she has an extra.

we again ended up with free tickets to the brewers game tonight, so i'll be taking in some more baseball. i hate to go and leave early, but i also hate to leave tickets un-used... hmmm.

oh and i weighed in this morning 180.2 and i'm good with that. i'm trying to not be bothered by the scale (and of course failing most of the time, haha), but to concentrate on the couch to 5k routine. i will be starting weights again to go along with the running.

happy tuesday monday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

do the humpty hump

happy wednesday!

i managed to get to the y this mornin' for week 1 day 3 of the couch to 5k. the thought of staying in my bed did cross my mind :)

i can't wait for the weekend! i'm going to madtown (madison) to visit with college friends and celebrate a birthday. yay!

the y has an away program, so i can go to one of their local ys while i'm visiting... and/or run by lake mendota! sah-weet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

morning work outs

i completed week 1 day 2 of couch to 5k yesterday morning before work... meaning i got up to go to the gym at 5:20am. i start work at 7, so i wanted ample time to exercise, shower and get ready.

i'm hoping i can keep it up for the 2 weekday couch to 5k days i'll have each week (there are 3 programs each week and i'll be doing them on saturday, monday and wednesday), but as they increase intensity i may have to adjust to after work again. i felt great all day and i think working out in the morning makes for a more positive day.

in other news... i bought a swimsuit! just one to swim laps at the y, but it was the least traumatic swimsuit shopping experience i've ever had. i chose the cute black and white polka dot one over the blue sporty one... it's a one piece with a wrap look in the front. i really don't think i'll ever have the hutzpa to wear a two piece... ever, but they are so cute. maybe my mind will slowly catch up with my body (i'm definitely not ready yet body wise either haha).

have a lovely tuesday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

it's time i got back to the good life

hey all! let's see... what to say...

I RAN ON THE TREADMILL!! haha, well not ran, jogged really and only when the man told me too... i am officially doing Couch 2 5k. i was going to wait til i finished the second day tomorrow, but i think that just gives me the opportunity to ditch the idea last minute... f%$# that! i am doing this and i'm gonna rock it. nuff said.

i am thrilled that i overcame my irrational fear of the treadmill... more specifically... flying off the treadmill, hitting my head and waking up to realize i passed out after a failed treadmill experience. i realize the treadmill is the poor man's version of outdoor running, but i want to get comfortable with this before i branch out.

more details on the next 8 weeks as they become available...

Friday, May 15, 2009

7 months and counting

well here it is folks, month number seven has passed me by.

weigh in: 183.4

i wish i could be reporting a larger loss, but i think this lower loss reflects my sort of blah attitude this month.

i need to re-dedicate... i have been enjoying time with friends and family, but i need to balance that with my new healthy habits... or blend them i guess.

my step-sister is getting married july 18th, so i'm going to challenge myself to look at the next 8 weeks as a blank slate. i'm not sure what the plan will be yet, but as soon as i have an exercise and eating plan i will post it here. so far i've been really just winging it, and i think a little organization might help me stay on track.

and thanks to chai from relatively low carb! she is challenging anyone who reads their blog to write something positive about themselves everyday. if you haven't checked out her blog, do! she's a positive, inspiring lady.

Monday, May 11, 2009

holy cow

i swear yesterday was april 15th.

i had a fun-filled weekend... friday night the brewers beat the cubs in a great game. danny gokey sang the national anthem and of course my voice was hoarse by the end of the game, i'm a yeller. saturday i went to the milwaukee public museum for the titanic exhibit and enjoyed all my childhood favorites like the bison running of the cliff diarama and the lifesize igloo. i love history, so museums make me happy. the titanic exhibit had a huge chunk of ice to indicate how cold the water/iceberg was, it was a great exhibit. and then we saw wolverine! i kept calling it blade trinity 2.0 because both feature ryan reynolds abs... and i ain't complaining. even as deadpool he is hot, it's like sean patrick flannery as powder... weird, but hot. i digress.

mother's day was relaxing. dinner at the grandparents and a little golf/baseball with grandpa. then my mom and i went to see 17 again. i was entertained, but lt. dangle from reno 911 (i'm sorry i never remember your real name) was my favorite... hi-larious.

i had grandma left overs for lunch, so i'm full and happy. i'm off to the y after work and a little cleaning might be in order this evening... my closet may have exploded all over my room this morning... can i just say that sometimes i hate clothes!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i wish it were friday

man the weekend can not get here fast enough! i think staying home sick messed with my sense of time. i'm feeling much better, thanks for the well wishes! although i'm kinda post illness lazy, lol. i'm kickin myself in the tush today and heading to the y after work.

did i say i got a new phone? cuz i did! it's red and has slidey key pads like a swiss army knife... it also plays music! i don't really know how to use it properly yet, but i love it. i dropped it already... of course, but it survived.

i made some delicioso cole slaw last night and grilled some chicken with a new no salt seasoning i found, so lunch should be a good time, lol. it's a good thing i have no boyfriend because i am on a serious garlic kick, haha. looove it. the no salt seasoning has many things... including garlic :) i decided that my two favorite seasonings in the whole world are celery seed and nutmeg... because one is the essence of cole slaw and the other the essence of eggnog. the end.

ps. i couldn't find my new/favorite sports bra this morning, and i'm super bummed... i guess my work out will just be a little more jiggly with the older one i was forced to take haha

Monday, May 4, 2009


that's how i feel :(

my stomach is angry at me for some reason (i'm guessing not swine flu lol)... so much that i'm very much considering going home sick from work (a big deal since i am always afraid to call in sick or go home sick, never wanting to let anyone down etc... yeah i have issues).

i had a wild weekend, but was feeling fine until last night when i could not fall asleep for the life of me and then i had serious night terrors. like crazy murder dreams. icky.

haha happy monday! hope everyone else is having a much better day :)

i'm doing good food wise and i'm going to refrain from exercise until my stomach revolt has passed...

i had to buy new excercise pants... because a tube of chapstick melted all over a load of clothes in the dryer... including my last pair of wearable/fitting exercise pants! grrrrr. and of course there was this huge wet looking spot on the middle of the ass. not that i imagine anyone's looking at my ass, but it would seriously bother me knowing it's there. so new pants!