Tuesday, August 18, 2009


my eyelids are droopy... that means i must must must go to sleep imediamente!

today's bullet points...

1. drank water with a fervor (that doesn't make much sense, but you catch my drift :D)
2. ate yummy foods, maybe a little too much... related to nerves i think... darn emotions! (see bullet number 3)
3. saw a posting for a local choir audition, practiced and went to said audition, passed scrutiny of the choir director (although i don't think the bar was set very high) pleased anyways.
4. decided to skip shred... then decided to do it... then decided to skip it... then did it (i'm a flip flopper on the exercise front)

cheers to hump day! have a good one folks :)

ps i was right about the bouncing of the scale... but i'm trying to stay focused on my fitness and athletic goals now, so the scale can do what it wants, biotch! (said to the scale)

pps i love parentheses. hahahaha.


  1. LOL - you are doing great (I love parentheses too)!

  2. Haha, GREAT post :) I really enjoy that you type exactly like you would talk. It makes it seem more personal and I LOVE IT!

    Keep working hard. The important thing is you ended on a 'do it' rather than a 'skip it' in your flip-flopping. So no worries :)

  3. Flip-flopping doesn't burn as many calories as it sounds. Stick with the shred, Laura.

  4. Hey,
    I just found your blog. Soooo cool that you've lost so much weight! What's your time frame been? I want to loose 100 pounds myself.

    Check out my blog when you have some time.