Thursday, August 13, 2009

time flies

i don't think this work week was really that fun, but the time sure did fly. i ran both sunday and tuesday this week. this evening i realized it was too dark to run outside and too late to go to the y (it's only open til 9 during the summer, boooo).

in lieu of the gym, i decided to do an exercise tv work out. jillian michaels sucked me into her 30 day shred. it was a nice short work out, definitely got my heart rate up, but much lighter than my gym work outs. it was interesting to see which muscles i'm obviously not using enough of at the gym. i think i'll do the 30 day shred in addition to runs starting today. has anyone else done them? she also has a 2nd and 3rd level shred, that i may progress to if i don't get bored with her. she's sassy though, and i generally enjoy the sass.

tomorrow i have a part time job interview right after work, and then i'm meeting my sister at irish fest. another weekend, another fest :D at this one they have dogs! all kinds of irish dogs, irish ales and irish sausage. oh and irish dancing, irish music... you get the gist, lol. i'll have to do the shred post-fest and squeeze in a run saturday morning before i head to beaver dam. i'm singing at a friend's church sunday and we have to practice saturday evening... and watch the first packer's pre-season game! i'm really excited to sing a bit, it's been far too long. it's with a small group from my college choir, we'll be singing 5 spirituals, and i can't wait!

have a lovely weekend you! yeah, you! :)

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