Wednesday, July 29, 2009

reefer madness

at work i update the fuel prices whenever we receive a delivery to our fuel site... and today i noticed for the first time that reefer is listed as a fuel type on the software. i'm sure there is some valid fuel explanation for this, but at the time i could only think mary jane and it made me laugh.

i made mock mash potatoes yesterday. basically mashed cauliflower, but surprisingly good... if you like cauliflower. i added a bit of everything to make it more like loaded mash potatoes... cheese, cream cheese, butter and salt. only a little bit of each to give it flavor and more substance. it was really simple... boil cauliflower til uber tender, use hand mixer or processor to mash them... add fixins. i will claim it as a successful new recipe venture, sometimes plain old broccoli just won't do it. i loathed cauliflower as a child... loathed, so i guess my tastebuds have adjusted or grown up too.

tonight i pushed the time just a tad on my run. total distance: 2.56 miles. i will gradually add to this distance and while i run i'll adjust the speed according to my breathing... i'll be adding time more often than increasing speed at this point i think. thanks for all the suggestions! i'll do what i can, and report back my findings.

now i gotta go fill my tank with reefer.


  1. Heehee...I had no idea cars were so addicted...

    Good luck adding time to your running :) And congrats on the new recipe...I've never tried that but it sounds like a good alternative to mashed potatoes

  2. So THAT's why there's a fuel crisis. Cars hitting the reefer, getting the munchies, chowing down on the gas.

    Your mock mashed potatoes sound nice! I've had them once, but for some reason they seemed quite watery. Probably just the recipe.

    Nice job on the run! Looking forward to your findings. I checked on to see if there was anything, but I couldn't make head nor tails of anything on there :D