Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gosh darn it!

how do i feel like a slacker when i've dutifully done the 30 day shred everday for... let's see... yesterday was the 12th day... why do i feel like a bum?! i know why. i've only had 3 runs in that time period and i know i have to keep it up or i'll lose my progress! i also need to realize that if i do a run, i do not have to, nor should i really, do an extra work out if i don't feel the energy for it.

i'm very "all or nothing" with my work outs. i wanna push to my limits... or lay in my bed. now that i've done the 5k distance, i need to realize that not all runs have to be a 5k, i can run 2 miles and still have accomplished something grand. i get overwhelmed by the thought of running longer and totally flake out on doing it at all... lame. i wanna have the extra cardio and insane endorphines that running provides, so i'm gonna try posting a schedule that will keep me aware.

today: 2 mile run - weights
thursday:30 day shred and pilates
friday: 2.5 mile run - weights

okay 3 days. i can stay focused for 3 days... right?

i'm on it.


  1. your weight loss stats are simply AMAZING!

  2. You are just killin' it, Laura. Keep up the great work!

    3 days? Pfffft... you got this.

  3. Alrighty 'slacker'...slacker my A%$!!!

    I had this same problem when I started my 1/2 marathon training. I ABSOLUTELY love Turbokick. LOVE IT. And I knew I burned more calories and toned more doing turbokick than running, so I kept up with the Turbokick even after I got up to 4 or 5 mile runs. I became exhausted and I started to burn out. I had to tell myself, "Hey Self...running is a stop being so anal and let go of the turbo for awhile"

    And you know what...I did. I ran my 1/2 marathon and when I finally got back into Turbokick it felt fresh and new and my body LOVES it again.

    SO, own those 3 days, STOP with the slacker talk, and get down to your running business :)


  4. Btw, I find myself wishing more and more everyday that you lived here in KC...I think our humors/sarcasm would mesh well :)

  5. I'm right there with you on the all or nothing workout plan. Only difference is, I've been on the nothing plan for farrrrr too long. :/ I can stay focused for 3 ohhhhhhhh shiny......nope, just the video game controller... another day gone, and another pound on... :(