Saturday, February 19, 2011

spring fever... or something like it

antsy... i'm antsy. it was unseasonably warm here for a few days... it went from -10 to above 40 overnight, crazy hot for february in wisconsin. i think my body/mind is confused, but in a good "let's go for a run" kind of way. i have yet to get in a routine with my classes this semester (more on that later), and that is hindering the exercise schedule (aka complete lack of exercise).

i had a mental breakthrough today... about health and happiness. i'm losing that feeling, that immense, overpowering feeling of strength. that feeling i had after finish the quarter marathon or after an early morning run with tallulah panting beside me. i want it back and i'm going to get it :) i am also up a few pounds this month, and even though i'm still ok weight wise, the mind is quick to FREAK OUT.

the guy is wonderful. more than wonderful. sigh-inducing wonderful. it's difficult because my schedule is jam-packed and he is now a full-time student, but we see each other when we can and i think we're on the same page. (we have both met each others about nerve-wracking!) the fact that there is a guy still takes me aback, the same way the reflection in the mirror occasionally catches me off guard. i'm no longer the old me, but she'll always be with me.