Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bright deliciousness

i was particularly fond of my food the past few days, so i thought i'd share the wealth :) first is my 3 egg pepper and sausage omelette. after spending the weekend with omelette making geniuses at the cabin, i've been on an omelette kick. i like that the cooking process involves a level of difficulty (which makes me think of like olympic diving, lol). i think i'm improving at my skillz, ha. then i had some baked tilapia with zucchini, squash and tomato. i'm so accustomed to having red, yellow and green on my plate! i'll have to create some new combos to keep up my color pallete.

and here's tallulah looking innocent...

i'll post again later this week about my super exciting weekend plans... i love a mini vacay!

Monday, September 21, 2009

toora loora toora loo-rye aye

meet tallulah! one of my friends said the name made her think of the song come on eileen, hahaha.

the weekend was raucous. we had a grand ol' time, and my camera battery died immediately upon arrival... so here is the one and only pic i had on my camera from the weekend... of bubba franks the cat, he's not a fan of the papparazi...
i hope to get some of the many pics my cohorts took. it was a good time, but i think i may have caught a cold from one of my cabin folk :( i'm doing all that i can to prevent a full blown chest cold, but it's looking grim. if you think of me, think clear nasal passages and a full night's sleep... here's hoping!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

mother trucker

truckin' along. workin' for the weekend... because this weekend is another college friends cabin extravaganza!! i'm making us tacos friday evening! yummos. i hope to get some choice pictures to share with ya'll :) we tend to take a lot of pictures when we're together, lol.

i'm feeling good about the week so far, but the weekend is quickly approaching. i will go to the y right after work today. do laundry and weekend trip shopping tonight. the pupster is doing well, no name yet... but i have til tomorrow (self imposed deadline). she is very good at doing her business on newspaper when no one's home, and she seems to be getting used to the schedule i've devised for her. of course, still adorable as ever, and she is teaching my mom's beagle (the one rescued from the puppy mill) how to truly play!

i don't mention my weight much, but i am still a daily weigher. and i missed my monthly update! this past tuesday marked 11 months yo. i am happy/irritated/proud/disappointed/confused/excited that i was able to maintain for the past month. maintaining a normal healthy weight is what this whole jazz is about, so that brings me the joy/excitement. i even had a doctor's appoinment last week! my first physical since high school basically... because i avoided the doctor like the plague, lol. ashamed of my weight, ashamed of my body... you know the old story. i knew i needed to go, and i weighed in at the doctor at 156.8!!! on the doctor's scale, in the middle of the day with all of my clothes on... (i wore lighter clothes and flip flops on purpose, hahaha). she was very nice, and like most things you irrationally fear... it really wasn't too bad after all.

at this point my weight fluctuates up and down between 153 and 158. i am in dire need of toning up, so the exercise bug better stick! i want to be healthier, i want to feel stronger and i want to feel confident... i've made huge gigantic steps in each of those areas, but this is for life and i'm ready for more!

Monday, September 14, 2009

sleep deprived

i bought a puppy!!

it was planned, yet spontaneous. she's from the humane society and she's a shepherd/border collie mix. right now she's 8 weeks 5 pounds, but that will be changing rapidly! i'm hoping she doesn't get too gigantic, but 50-60 pounds is likely. i wasn't planning on getting a bigger dog (although all my family dogs have been big, and i tend to like them better than smaller dogs). i was thinking smaller for apartment renting purposes in the future...

but i'm positive having a great dog will outweigh the apartment finding woes. she doesn't have an official name yet (strange because i always name animals immediately, wild animals, squirrels, strays... and i'm having trouble with picking the right one for her)

she's a baby baby so sleeping the past few nights has been short and filled with puppy whines. i'm pretty ruff this morning, it's almost like i haven't slept at all or was out on the town hittin' it hard, lol.

my exercise routine was a little off because of the little pup, but i'm working on a new schedule... and maybe i'll have a new jogging buddy!

right now i'm drinking some yummy yogi chai redbush tea with a bit o' cream, i highly suggest it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

darn you pants!

the 3 day weekend was nice, but i somehow ended up extremely tired/crabby/sassy on monday evening. it made the whole weekend seem lackluster, and i think it related to me having a couple oc moments with food. i really needed to eat those darn baby dill pickles!? like it was my job. and by those, i mean like 20. pickle binge!

i somehow stayed on track exercise wise. sunday: 2 mile jog, monday: 2.33 HIIT outside!, tuesday: epic ymca pants fail followed by shred 1&2 in a row...

the ymca pants fail made me soo mad! i bought these new workout capri pants about 2 weeks ago, they are a large and are somewhat low rise compared to what i'm usually comfortable with. they are cute though, and i feel good in them... or did. they've done well so far, but tuesday night they were determined to fall off... hardcore. i was fine during the fast walking warm up, but as soon as i switched to jogging, they continuously slid down, blaarg! and i know everyone will say it's a good thing... they are loose yadda yadda, but i'm convinced they are merely stretched or something, they are a large! i sense it may also have to do with the increased speed of my jogging, since i'm a movin' a bit more. i'll keep them for a less motion filled workout like pilates and switch over to shorts (aaah shorts! big steps people) for my jogging.

Friday, September 4, 2009


i often joke with my family about my future career in the senior ladies pga tour... i don't golf... at all. i mini-golf like any good person, and i may have gone to the driving range once with my dad when i was 12. golfing never really appealed to me, but my theory is that since i have yet to try it... it's possible that i'm awesome at it, hahaha.

a few days ago, one of my bosses started chatting with me about the city golf outing scramble. he also mentioned that one of their foursome may be bailing and that he has a set of ladies clubs he bought for his wife last christmas. today he said if the guy drops out i'm welcome to join them and that it's just for fun... i said i'd consider it. hahahaha, if this actually happens, it will be an anecdote in the making. i can just picture a scenario in which i hit someone with a ball and/or club. i may take a little trip to the driving range tomorrow to see how terrible this could go, and base my decision on that. this might be too hilarious to pass up though and maybe, just maybe... i'll start training for my career in the slpga (they don't use that acronym, but i do, lol). side note: a while back my brother looked it up and you only have to be like 45... wtf, that's not senior people.

3 day weekend! woot woot! i started it off with a trip to the y after work as this week's schedule included a HIIT session today. i decided to push out for a longer run. and i ended up with this...

3.5 miles in 40 minutes 20 seconds, that's my farthest distance and a slightly faster pace!

the schedule seemed to keep me on track this week, but i think most of my motivation came from all of you, seeing all the awesome progress in the blogging world... you guys are inspiring whether you are re-dedicating yourselves, owning your work outs or spreading positivity in general! and those who struggle own it too. today i love that word... seems strange right? to love the word struggle... but it indicates that you are wrestling your demons and working against odds. you aren't lying down or giving up, you are struggling to achieve whatever goals you have your mind set on. you are all in.

cheers to a brilliant 3 day weekend if you have one! i surely hope you all do :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what's this feeling?

so for all you musical theatre dorks out there... my post title makes me sing loathing from wicked in my head... LOVE it. i also HEART glee, so if you haven't watched the pilot... watch it and then watch the premiere next wednesday. musical theatre dork tv heaven.

today, dare i say it... i felt cute! not like "oh, i'm not terrible looking", but honest to goodness attractive and i liked it. don't worry, i'm not getting all big headed or anything, but it was one of those firsts or realizations that made me step back. as a larger lady, i often felt that i looked good, but in all honesty i almost always had some sort of "but" to go along with that thought. "this dress looks great on me, but i wish my calves were smaller" "my hair is really shiny today, but my jiggly arms will distract anyone from that" screw those "buts" people!! we don't need them, no one should ever have to analyze themselves that way! i know i'll continue to do it (i'll strive not to of course), but i hope we can all have days like today where for some reason those "buts" were abandoned by the way side.

i realize this is neurotic, but we all seem to find the flaws in ourselves that others don't even notice... or they notice them and don't care! idk what about today made me feel that way. no one said anything out of the ordinary, no ups man gave me the eye (although i do love my ups man for calling me skinny and being proactive at telling me how great i look). it was definitely a fleeting feeling, but my word it was fantastic!

2 runs down, shred/pilates last night.... i'm feeling the burn folks.

cheers to getting rid of the "buts" as well as any extra butt you'd like to be rid of :)