Saturday, October 24, 2009

faux weekend

i'm at my part-time job! so far so good. it's really long hours every other weekend, so this weekend isn't real. although i can bring my computer to work and watch the packer game, so i'm not complaining.

last night i ran 5k in 33:40, best time yet and boy did i feel it! tallulah has somehow gotten into a schedule of having to go outside at 4am, and that's no good... so we're experimenting with feeding her at a different time. also at puppy class they said not feed the puppy dinner before class... and it's at 6pm! and lasts an hour! she is gonna be ravenous.

i signed up for an indoor cycling class at the y, it starts nov 2nd. i've never been on a spinning bike, so this should be hilarious, fun and/or painful. i will report my findings at a later date.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


it seems like lately, i'm just wading. i work, it's not terrible, but it's not challenging. my life feels like it's at a stand still, and i need a jump start. then i remember the mountain of student loans in my name, and push those thoughts to the back on my mind.

why!? why would i just drift? i don't want to, i see it and i act as though i can't help it. i obviously need to take some action, and i'm not sure what that is yet... be it a new creative outlet or pursuing more social activities. i saw a posting for a racquetball class at the y... maybe something like that... both social and active would suit me. i really want to run an official 5k, but the fall dates all conflict with my new weekend job. in addition to me being scared, lol. i need to expand my horizons. i've been on the look out for book club, but it seems only middle aged ladies rock a book club. maybe i'll venture to start one of my own. suggestions are welcome!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

size 7

no, don't get too excited... i definitely don't fit into a size 7 pair of jeans. but for me, this size 7 makes me feel just as elated. :) so if anyone is planning on proposing to me, 7 it is!

i know i've mentioned my previous sausage fingers before and idk what ring sizes mean to most people, but for me... when i was at my biggest, the options for rings were few and far between. i was solidly a size 10, sometimes 11. in addition to not being able to find any, who on earth would want to display something on a finger that they'd rather no one look at? i felt that way about myself in general, and being able to now buy rings/clothes/shoes (i recently discovered i can wear knee high boots, they zip up and everything) is somewhat a vanity thing... but it also proves how much my mind is also changing. i will wear this cute/pretty/sexy thing because i am confident enough in myself to be noticed. idk if that quite makes sense, but i'm chugging away at this process still... learning and growing one day at a time.

in 2 days, i will have been at this for a solid year. holy buckets.

Friday, October 9, 2009

boston quickie

last weekend was amazing. my college roommate and i flew to boston saturday morning and returned sunday night. the trip was centered around a rockapella concert at berklee. we had vip tickets to see the sound check and meet them before the show (i bought them for her bday). her favorite member is leaving the group at the end of the year, so it was perfect timing.

it was a fantastic trip, but i definitely ate and drank my way through boston (and i liked it). here is my lunch from sunday, and don't be fooled there's like 2 cups of mash potatoes under there... idk what irish bacon is, but it's delicious. and then i assisted my friend with her fish and chips, lol.

on sunday afternoon we went to the last regular season red sox game! any time in fenway is a good time. the weekend was so wonderful, and then this week i was offered a part-time job! it's every other weekend, pays well, is near home and is in a laid back atmosphere... i'm excited! i start this sunday afternoon for training. that's my week in a nutshell!

tomorrow i'm going to a wedding west of milwaukee and then driving down to chicago for the jonathan coulton concert! it's gonna be a good saturday :)