Friday, January 30, 2009

your average 7 year old boy

the weight i've lost so far is equivalent to the weight of an average 7 year old boy. that's creepy, and puts it in a weird perspective. thank goodness i don't have to carry that bugger around anymore!

weigh in: 213.6 - feeling better about the gigantic challenge of "onederland" which by the way always makes me think of the movie that thing you do because at first they spell the band name "wonders" as "oneders" and people say o-knee-ders... i love that thing you do and steve zahn.

weight lost: 50.4 (average 7 year old boy according to random internet calculator was 50.6)

over 50! but also kinda anti-climactic. no big changes it seems. yay anyways!!

i'm thinking of trying acai juice. even if it doesn't help weight loss, it has tons of great nutritional goodies in it. has anyone tried it? i've heard good things, but don't want to spend the big bucks on it til i get a few more opinions, lol.

weekend plans: clean room (that seems to always be on the list), visit friend who is living in a very "oscar & felix" situation, sleep late and read in bed, look over my budget plans, remember to buy tickets to the jonathan coulton concert in feb. (haha using blog as memory tool)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my baby brother's 22!

oh dear, i'm old. i feel worse on his bday than my own! he's the baby of the family and i have always felt like we were the same age. time flies.

i walked to the y after work and rocked out cardio style on the elliptical.

right now i'm feeling like one of those commercials where they show someone wearing an invisible wool sweater to reveal their dry skin issues. i'm itchy!!! i gots to run to walgreens and get some hardcore moisturizer. the winter is stealing my moisture!

yesterday i got a double cheeseburger (sans bun) from kewpee's and it was quite delicious. i'll keep that to a "if i walk from work" occasional purchases. otherwise, i'd be eating way too many cheeseburgers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


i'm back! the weekend was fun and tiring.

confession number 1: i got more than a little intoxicated last night. it started off fine, i was drinking diet coke and rum. then because we were celebrating my belated bday one of my friends bought me the three wise men (jack, jim and jose). the bartender did not understand the order, and mixed all three together. she also overcompensated quite a bit with the tequila. the result was 3 double shots. i took two and forced another friend to take a bullet with the third.

i survived and it was a great time. i feel good knowing that it was a once in a very long time occurrence.

confession number 2: this morning at brunch i ordered an omelet that came with toast and potatoes. i ate about a quarter of the potatoes and a half piece of whole wheat toast. i felt bad doing it, but i'm proud that i left the 3 other pieces of toast and mound of potatoes be.

car shenanigans again. this time my sister was in an accident (she's ok, but the car - not so much), so she is borrowing my mom's car and my mom will be using my new car. car shuffle! so this week i will again be walking to the y after work.

off to watch psych! i want to be in a james roday and dule hill sandwich.

Friday, January 23, 2009

itty bitty living space

my room is somewhat clean for my sister visiting... and a bunch of my clothes are somewhat shoved into my closet, but that's ok. i have too much stuff to fit in my small room with my big bed. btw big bed is totally worth a lack of other living space, i could live in my bed.

weigh in: 216.0

first off, woah i've been exact on the pound 2 fridays in a row. i think that's weird. and bummer, only one pound lost. it was expected, i failed miserably on exercise this week and i think that is the culprit. i'm fine with that and i'm ready for next week. bring it on biotch!

off to party with the fam and friends over the weekend!

catch ya on the flipside.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

down with the sickness

well, i'm not sick. but i've just been really draggin' this week. missed one day at the y and i think that might have increased my general malaise the past few days. i've kept ok food wise, but i did partake in lc products like tortillas and a chocolate bar... no regrets. i have to clean up my room as it will be the guest room for my sister while she's visiting and then get ready to see a bunch of people i haven't seen since last spring.

i'm hoping less people notice the weight loss or don't say much, i'm not feeling the whole chatting about my weight loss right now. sometimes i'm gung ho, "yeah i'm doing this and it's working and it's great!" but i'd rather just have fun and relax. shouldn't be too hard with my crowd.

i think i need a little boost, so i'm headin' over to the weigh we were. seeing real life examples of success make me wanna stick to my plan, especially when i'm feeling a little blah like today.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

another week to conquer

thanks so much for the comments guys! it's gonna be a good week.

another grandma dinner survived. another snow fall arrived. all in all a regular wi weekend in january.

i'm amped to keep my exercise schedule in full swing, mwf at the y for cardio and alternating weight groups. i think the exercise is really helping keep pace with my weight loss goals, and those endorphins ain't bad. next weekend my sister is in town from ny! and i'll be heading to madtown to celebrate my bday belatedly with friends... so i need to keep on plan this week in prep of a not-so-on-plan planned weekend.

off to do laundry...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'm fat, i'm fat, you know it

oh weird al in a fat suit.

idk about all of the other weight loss bloggers out there, but i'm guessing lots of us have a similar warped self-image problem. well, i definitely do.

last week when i was out to eat for my friend's bday, a few of my girl friends commented on my weight loss. i'm glad people notice, but i'm also not really thrilled to have people notice... does that make sense? i'm glad that i'm starting to look different, but i'm ashamed that it's now evident that i was soo fat. it's like i had a warped self-image that is was ok to be that fat and now i can't see myself as any different. i guess it was obvious to everyone else that i was fat, but i had come to terms with it a long time ago and didn't dwell over it all the time.

i think starting in about 2nd grade i was one of the 3 chubby girls at school. (i went to a smallish school less than 100 in the class most of the time) i remember getting fitted for my junior bride dress for my aunt's wedding and my grandma (not the one i see every week) said that i was too chubby... i cried. but i accepted it and i never really tried anything to change that til now. i have never "dieted" before, so i didn't ever have to fail before. (one of the reasons i'm still watching dietribe on lifetime, lol, one of the girls said that and it hit home hard) i'm glad i chose something that i don't see as a diet, but a change in my lifestyle.

i'm a stereotypical smart and funny fat girl, and i don't know if my mind will ever catch up with my body. i am not close to where i want to be (195 is my first goal, not sure what the next one will be), so i have time to figure this out. i'm just realizing this because i have lost almost 50 pounds and unless i see myself in the mirror i feel like and see myself as the same person i was last summer. so i have some thinkin' to do.

Friday, January 16, 2009


i bought one last night. no frills really, but i like it. it's a 2008 toyota corolla black. now i'll need to revisit my budget, but everything should work out.

weigh in: 217

lol, i just accidentally typed 117 instead of 217. i'm not that good... and i don't think i ever really want to be 117, for my height that might be creepy. but yay! another productive week. i haven't been getting enough sleep though, so i need to work on that. i might fall asleep at work today.

it's kinda crazy because since last weigh in i've had several... might i say... questionable food items. like potato skins (the carbiest vegetable in the world, only had 2.5 though). some of an awesome blossom, fried onion thing, i overate at texas roadhouse, and last night i had taco meat that def had sugar in it... so i'm intrigued to know what it could have been without all that. but such is life and i can't be too strict or i'll fall off the wagon. i exercised and i walked a bit more than usual (the carless days).

and since i started in the middle of the month this is my 3 month mark! 47 pounds down and 12 in the last month!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

delete 10 friends = free whopper

burger king knows where it's at... and apparently that's facebook applications? who would you delete for a whopper? the bk is offering a free whopper if you add their application and proceed to sacrifice 10 facebook friendships to get a free whopper coupon. (sans bun for me of course) i'm not really down with all the facebook applications, but free whoppers are worth mentioning, lol.

no car yet, but i had my first experience with a car salesman... not too traumatizing and i learned that i am worthy of financing, so yay! now to decide.

walkin' to the y after work again tomorrow, in the 8 degree weather... so think warm thoughts for my ears :) i might have to hitch a ride, nobody likes frost bite.

Monday, January 12, 2009

bah auto loans

i need one and i don't have one yet... as you might have guessed the car is not worth saving. it would cost about the same amount i plan on putting into a down payment, so yertle the turtle will be laid to rest. last saturday i went to a bridal show and it was the longest day evah! left at 8:30am and got home at 11pm. lots of fun with the girls and sisterly time.

walked to the y after work today (relying on rides til i get the new wheels) and then went for a friend's bday dinner at texas roadhouse. had some delicious steak and brocolli. still plugging away. all this car stuff is stressful. wish me luck! i might buy one in the next couple days :/

Friday, January 9, 2009


so it's friday and thus my chosen official weigh-in day for the week... at least for now.

scale says 220.6 and i'm pleased. so that's down about 1.5-2 pounds depending on what i consider my last weigh-in. for one week i am very pleased.

there is a snowstorm here today and my car's brakes are shot, i have to push all the way to the floor to stop and then i'm not really sure if i am actually stopped. scary in general, but uber scary when it's snowing like a mad man outside. i have it scheduled to get looked at today, but the snow might hinder that. maybe i should just buy a new car... i've been saving up for one and i was hoping that this one would last a bit longer. i wouldn't buy a new car, a recent used one probably. i already have enough student loan debt, so i was hoping to have enough to just pay for at least half of it and i'm not there yet. i guess i'll decide based on how much the repairs will cost.

please think good thoughts for me around 3pm when i leave work, i'll need it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

get outta my way biotch

This is Maggie (we decided to just keep the name they gave her, but i like to call her magma or magnesium). My mom adopted her from the humane society. This is the picture that the humane society took of her (i don't approve of dog sweaters).

Today after work there were some car shenanigans... I had to meet up with my brother who borrowed my mom's car for jury duty because my car was getting it's tires fixed. yadda yadda yadda i decided to skip the Y today. I got home, felt extremely guilty and antsy... so I took Maggie for a walk. She is from a puppy mill, so she is very skittish but she looooves to go outside on walks. We took a nice long 40 minute walk, but I decided that even that wouldn't appease my guilt and need for a little stress release. So I trucked it back to the Y (which is very close to my work) even though it was snowing and now I'm back home after a long hot shower I'm tired/happy.

I wasn't at the Y during my normal time of day (all that "i'm not going, no i'm going" takes time), so there were many more/different people there working out and someone was always on the machine I wanted to use! I hate it when I feel like someone is wishing me off a machine, but now I know how the other half feels :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

decision made

I've struggled with the "how often should i weigh myself?" question lately and I've made a decision.

For this month I will weigh only once a week. Friday mornings. It's gonna be a challenge to stay away from the scale, but I know I can do it. In the long run it will be better for me to concentrate on the choices I'm making daily with diet and exercise... not the number on the scale. I will let myself measure and remember that the way my clothes fit also indicates my progress.

Today might be a lazy day, but the holidays never really seem like vacations to me. In some ways, it's the most stressful time of the year. I need a couple more vacation days to recover :)

Have a lovely day everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2009


first off, thanks madame and brandi! it was a great way to start of 2009.

i'm at work and it's the most stressful time of the year. we have to close out the year and some of our computer software is malfunctioning... so i have to manually enter a lot of crap i wouldn't normally do and it's stressful!! i'm so glad it's friday.

weigh in: 222.2 i think it's sticking :)

lunch was the last stuffed pepper and a hardboiled egg, woke up late and didn't have time for breakfast. this morning i did NOT want to go to work. the y was closed yesterday, so i did some winsor pilates instead. i was all kinds of achy this morning from doing pilates on the hardwood floor, i must have sharp bones or something lol. i have a yoga mat, but the hardwood floors just kill me. it felt great though and i always feel a little taller afterwards.

RED ALERT RED ALERT i think i forgot my earplugs, so i might have to exercise musicless. i hate that soooo much, i might have to drive home after work to get them instead of going straight to the y. that's risky though. it's been a stressful day and i know i'm gonna need extra muster just to get to the y. hmmmmm.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year! 40 pounds lost!!

weigh in: 222.5

That means I've lost over 40 pounds!! Last night I went out to a buffet restaurant for dinner, but made sure to only eat healthy choices. They had delicious baked chicken with no sauce and steak! Add some collard greens, salad and broccoli... it was a feast.

Happy New Year everyone!!