Saturday, August 15, 2009


number one - confession. i will not be doing a run today. i will continue with the shred (this being day 3). i just don't have time before leaving for my mini-trip and i underesitmated the shred (see number two). lame excuse, but i'll take it as this is weigh in day and i'm pleased with this past months results.

number two - when i said that the 30 day shred wasn't that hard... i hadn't done it 2 days in a row! even that first evening i could feel it in my legs and i realized i'm not even using hand weights yet. i really, really didn't want to do it last night when i got home from the fest, but i did it anyway! yes, jillian i feel the friggin' burn and like any sane individual i loathe the squat. i will be completing day 3 momentarily.

number three - i made bavarian apple cheesecake and feel quite pleased with my baking abilities. i would show you a pic, but it's one of those not as beautiful as it is sooo delicious recipes, lol. also pleased with my ability to a have a sliver and be satisfied. it helps that it is crazy flavorful. :) i'll be taking it with me on my trip, to share the wealth!

number four - weigh in. to preface this weigh in, i really think this number is bonkers! (like crazy, not like bonkers the cat, who is also crazy i might add) i'm more than likely going to see a bounce back up tomorrow, maybe a pound (especially considering i'm heading off to watch a football game... including snacks, haha). i'm extremely happy about it though, and even with the possible bounce i'm looking at a 10 pound loss for last month and a few pounds past by weight goal! thanks to c25k again i believe, and of course sticking to my guns on the food front. well, i might as well show ya...

number five - this whole getting to my "goal" weight business freaks me out. i am very excited and feel accomplished, but i also know that i'm not as physically fit as i want to be. it also makes me fear any slight gain (i guess a little of that is good, but i'm a worrier by nature... i've never written worrier before and i think it looks funny, funny weird, not haha). at this point i will still strive to lose more, not sure how much just yet. i'll let my body do the thinking on that one, i'll just do the leg work... concentrating on toning and fitness. in short, i am far from truly claiming "goal", but i'm well on my way. thank you for all your support, even if i just steal your mojo from reading your blog... i love this blogging community and the insights it provides. i'll delve deeper into my thoughts on this next stage of weight loss via blog when i have a little more time to contemplate it. for now, have a great little saturday folks!


  1. Woo-hoo! Great weigh-in! Hope it sticks.


  2. I hope the interview and the irish fest went well!

    Bavarian apple cheesecake sounds AMAZING!

    CONGRATS ON GETTING TO GOAL! Damn! That's freaking awesome! I know you said you're not claiming goal, but CLAIM IT, YO! Sure you might want to lose more, but you set this goal and you completed it, so claim it! You're just setting another goal to complete :)

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  3. CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!! You are doing so amazing!!

  4. Congrats dude! You are pretty awesome and inspiring!

  5. Oh hey, I forgot to ask. You said you were singing at a friend's church. How long have you been singing? Have you ever recorded yourself? Anything online?

  6. just found your blog! awesome job on the weight-loss so far! That's AMAZING!

  7. flg - i've always been in some sort of choir since elementary school... i'm a choir dork, not a solo diva :) my college choir was quite fantastic if i do say so myself, the only recording i can direct you to off the of my head is an original piece we did with a composer/cellist team titled "apres moi, de deluge". the composer wrote it after hurricane katrina. it was a great experience and we took a trip to new orleans to perform it. amazon has some clips if you look up "apres moi; de deluge album" there. i may have some karaoke recordings hiding somewhere, but i lost a lot when my laptop got stolen :(

    amazing shrinking - thanks so much!!