Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sleepy head

i went later than normal to exercise last night at the y and holy toledo! there was a convention of attractive men... i may need to re-think my work out schedule, lol. i have noticed when i'm running or working out next to someone who is pushing themselves... i tend to as well. really it can be a man or woman, no difference. in fact i usually feel more challenged by the strong women in the gym. they are serious.

i slept through my "wake up now to run alarm", but the extra sleep was needed and quite enjoyable. i will either fit the run in somewhere this evening or go tomorrow mornin' instead. either way it'll get done! i may just take the pups for an extra long walk. they are always down for a walk, and it's also an excellent cure for the ever classic stare-at-the-computer-all-day work induced coma.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

taking a breather

i took an unplanned break from exercise this week. it was definitely needed, but it still caused me some internal distress. i needed to step back and reassess my food/exercise balance. after amping up my exercise routine with weights, i didn't really change my food intake and my body was like "hell no!"... leading to overeating in compensation for the calories burned by the additional exercise. over the last week i have rested and found where i need to be with a very light routine... thus i know where i need to be once i start a more vigorous exercise schedule again. idk about anyone else, but i think it comes down to over-thinking... i still to this day want complete freedom to change my mind... meaning i fret over eating enough food during the day to fuel a work out if i decide suddenly to skip it that day. i need to get over myself in many ways still... that's just one neurotic example, lol. i need to realize one day is just one day and the overall trend is what matters.

that being said... i have 5 weeks to prep myself for the 10k. i plan on taking the week right before the run very easy, so 4 weeks of gradually increased run lengths are in the works. the farthest i've run outside is 4.5 miles and 5 miles on the tready. i've been perusing 10k training plans online, and it seems like 3 runs a week, every other day, with the last being longest and stretching your comfort zone (either distance or pace). i'm not really concerned about pace, but i'd like to finish the first week with a test distance run. 6.5 miles or bust!

oh and i forgot to mention that aaaaaah! my best friend from college got engaged!! to another one of my best friends! it's picture perfect and i will be a bridesmaid. i am thrilled to the gills for them, but like most 20-somethings i suddenly feel quite behind! me being the single bridesmaid kinda freaked me out... well, i suppose i have about a year and half before the actual wedding to catch myself a guy, lol. i suppose i'm lucky that no one has had any babies yet! and you know what? i am super pumped to be a bridesmaid! a year and a half ago, it would have made me nervous and uncomfortable. i am so happy that i feel healthy, happy and comfortable enough in my own skin (a work in progress) to be genuinely excited to share the experience with my two great friends. i will even wear a sleeveless dress if that's what she wants! and that's saying something :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i missed march!

i've become this really lame haphazard blogger. march went out like a lion... right?

i killed the gre, but felt completely inept during the actual test. my intellectual self-confidence is very similar to my self-confidence in general... shaky at best! lol. i'm still waiting on a few references to send in their letters, i will be reminding them this week in fact (one is particularly forgetful in that crazy old lady professor way). soon i will know if grad school is in my near, or distant, future :)

the last few weeks i've fallen into a funk. i think that's why i felt the urge to post... blogging really helps me reflect and well, i miss it! i'm still maintaining at slightly above 150. i recently found and love his way of thinking. i perused his book, primal blueprint, at the bookstore and just got a copy from the library, but the blog has almost all the information that's in the book. i lost my weight when i switched to a low carb way of eating, and the primal blueprint plan (both nutrition and fitness) really matches what i'm doing, but infinitely better.

i signed up for a 10k (which is completely against the fitness ideas of the aforementioned primal blueprint, but i am excited to just complete it). most of my "running" these days is a slower pace jog. i realize i'm never going to be an endurance competitor, but i'm fond of a challenge!

in order to not jinx my blogging habits, i am not going to say that i will post more often... in hopes that i do :)