Tuesday, December 30, 2008

let's go today in a heartbeat

It's officially holiday! Tomorrow and the 1st I have off from work and I want nothing more than to rest up and clean my room, haha boring I know. No crazy plans for new years, but I think I deserve a little piece and quiet. the last few years i've either hosted a party or gotten insanely drunk at a bar... memories that will last a lifetime, lol.

weigh in: 224.2 no joke it just likes it there

I had one of my stuffed peppers for lunch, delish. And for dinner my family ordered pizza, so I snagged some pizza toppings. Not too much due to the salty nature of pizza toppings. Oooh and I ate breakfast! I never ever eat breakfast, so I'm trying to make it a habit. I had a sliver of the quiche I made yesterday, just the right amount.

After work I went to the Y, 30 minutes on the elliptical for 2.5 miles and then weights for another 25. I applied for a part-time job at the Y because the battle for me is just getting there... once I'm there I'm an exercise fiend.

I just got 30 Rock season 2 from the library and it's calling my name.

Monday, December 29, 2008

yummy in my tummy

Watch out, I just busted it out in the kitchen.

First i made coleslaw... one of my favorite foods. It's so easy to make and using splenda instead of sugar makes it low carb friendly! I limit myself to 1 serving a day when I have it around, it's a great side dish.

Here's the ingredients:
And here's the end product:
it's soo much more delicious than it looks...

Then I got ambitious and delved into some ground beef recipes.

First Sloppy Joe Stuffed Peppers
Thanks to Linda!

And then I put together a bake of sorts, a mixture of ground beef, heavy cream, eggs, cheese and spices baked til golden brown. Very quiche like.

That one is also inspired by a Linda recipe. And I was very pleased with both dishes. I only tasted a couple bites of each because of all the nibbling I did while cooking. I love leftovers and now I have great meal options for the week!

good morning, good morning!

well it's not morning and it's not actually great to stay up late when you have to work in the morning. but now i do want to watch singin' in the rain. i didn't go to sleep til past my old-working-person bedtime and then woke up about 3 times in the night, jeesh.

weigh in: 224.2, same as yesterday and i'm cool with that. minus the few days last week that i had 2 pound plus drops, i've been staying steady for 3 or 4 days and then dropping a pound. you can't be mad at that.

i forgot my water bottle today, well it's actual just an ice mountain spring water bottle that i've been re-using for a couple weeks. i prefer to know how much i've had and right now i'm using a large coffee mug of unknown size. bummer.

lunch: pork roast, 1/2 c broccoli and a small carbquik bisquit

i have plans in the works to make either stuffed peppers or somekind of quiche tonight. and coleslaw!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

dun dun DAAAAH!

weigh in: 224.2

well, let's see... for the first time since starting lc on october 15 i ate something blatantly non-lc. last night i went out with a friend visiting from another state and i indulged. i consciously made the decision that i would and it was somewhat restricted, but i expect to see a weight jump related to it.

what i ate:
from kopp's frozen custard - 1/2 of a cheeseburger with ketchup and 4 large onion rings, diet coke
and at the concert after: 1 pint miller lite... american not british, so at least there's that :)

i guess i should be upset with my little break from plan, but i'm glad i thought about it before hand and decided that it was ok for that one meal. i am back on plan today, i had extra water last night before bed and i feel pretty good this morning. i've read lots of horror stories about going off plan and feeling like you have the flu, but none of that has happened (at least yet, trying not to jinx myself). i didn't really see the increase i expected today, but i know digestion takes longer than the approx 14 hours that i ate the carby stuff so i'm still bracing myself for a jump.

well there ya have it. my second day blogging about my lc journey and i botch it up a little. today will be clean and fresh.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

wtf that's crazy talk

weigh in: 223.4??

yesterday and today's weigh ins put me down over 4 pounds in 2 days... i don't believe it, but it sure does feel good. and i haven't had any whooshes yet, so keep your fingers crossed :)

i can't help myself, but weigh everyday. it drives me more crazy not to do it and wonder than to feel a little bad if it's not what i wanted or expected. i try very hard not to be discouraged since the fluctuations of the day can be deceiving, but i always do it right after i wake up. since i'm new to this lc stuff, i want to know what my body likes and dislikes as far as losing goes. can i eat sweetners, if so what kind? can i eat the carbquik i just ordered? and i think weighing daily keeps me on track in addition to keeping a journal of what i ate each day, water intake and exercise...

long story short, i had been losing very very small amounts daily or not at all for about a week and a 1/2. then the last two days had much bigger numbers... so i'm either super pumped (or i'm worried about my scales health, lol). i'm not going to change my weight loss ticker yet in fear that some dramatic bounce up will occur since it was pretty dramatic going down. for now yay me!

whether a loss or gain, i am inspired to stay on plan and keep the number that i saw flash on the scale today.

ps i saw marley and me with the fam on christmas day, if you are a dog lover and haven't read it... read it... and then see it. i'm a huge baby.

Friday, December 26, 2008

the road is loooong...

Here I am and yes, I'm heavy. I am starting this blog as a journal for myself, but also for anyone else who wants support or needs encouragement in this crazy mixed up low carb world. I started low carbing October 15, 2008 and I have lost about 35 pounds so far. I, like many others, have been overweight most of my life. I am 24 years old and graduated from college in December 2007. I have a full-time job now and miss school dreadfully. Yeah, I'm one of those.

I hope my blog name entertains you... whether you just recognize the song it steals from, remember when it played in the movie Zoolander or realize that the episode of Fresh Prince where Will goes on a blind date with a chubby, but intelligent and funny girl shares the same name.

My goal is to be healthy and happy. Please join me on this long and winding road.

I need all the help I can get :)