Thursday, August 6, 2009

my boss is on vacay

is it bad that i kind of slacked off today? we just closed the month, so there is a lighter work load anyways. i just want the weekend to start already! i didn't really slack off, i just didn't look for extra work like i normally do. whatevs. the 2nd in command didn't notice/didn't care, so all's well. i'm one of those ultra loyal, crazy work ethic people, so it was quite different for me. when i had to quit my last job, i nearly made myself sick over having to tell them i was leaving. i definitely have issues. wah waaaah. i enjoyed the faux slacking though :)

i've decided summer is just insane, there is a festival every weekend and i just can't get enough of em. milwaukee is the best place for festivals btw. however, this weekend is the mother load... the state fair. this is an annual family extravaganza. we go every year, and as many of you might know... every state fair is centered around the local food delicacies. here in wisconsin... cream puffs, fried everything, fried meats on a stick and well, fried everything on a stick... the fair website now has a "food on a stick" section, no joke. i am prepared. i know what i will have and i will not be overwhelmed by the scents and ambiance of the fair.

of course, there are many things at the fair that are just as important as the food. the racing pigs. the kids from wisconsin (basically a show choir, i'm a sucker for singing/dancing troupes). cows! baby pigs! baby goats! baby animals of all kinds! (i try to not think about the impending doom of most animals at the fair, as the signs hang above them saying how much they cost per pound) and several local bands that i thoroughly enjoy. it will be grand. before that i'm making a quick trip to see a friend in a musical revue, which also fulfills my singing/dancing entertainment quota for the weekend. whew! it hasn't happened yet, and i can already imagine a nap sunday afternoon lol.

ps i ran 2.8 miles straight in 35.30 after work today and i am beaming, so please pardon the semi-rambling post. today was good. slow and steady :)


  1. That's not slacking off! That's being normal! :D

    Your festivals sound awesome. I wish we had things like that here. I could go for some food on a stick! :D

    And 2.8 miles!!! WOOP! So close to the 3 miles! Congrats!

  2. WHAT A GREAT RUN!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy for you :)

    And don't worry about the 'not quite slacking' slacking. Everyone needs days like that now and again!

  3. 2.8 miles is awesome! 0.3 away from a 5K!!! :-D You have every right to glow! Keep it up! Keep pushing!

    Sorry I've been absent. I've been busy with some life situations, but still working out! I am up to 6 miles (today's run) now. Ran it in 64 minutes. At one point, I couldn't run 5 minutes in a row. :) We all progress if we keep pushing!

    Hope all is well, Laura!