Wednesday, April 22, 2009

skinny fingers

i've always had chubby fingers to go along with my chubby body. i accepted the fact and it didn't bother me that much. i don't wear much jewelry and never rings, so i could avoid thinking about my sausage fingers. getting my class ring in high school (which is now lost, most likely forever) made me think about it... especially when comparing my stubs to my skinny skinny friends, but besides that i just ignored them.

last week i was talking to my sister about my hands. i noticed a little while ago that when i type i can see my metacarpals going crazy. it may not seem like a big deal, but it's one of thsoe little things that reminds me how far i've come. my fingers are nowhere near skinny today, but i think sausage fingers is a phrase of my past... that motivates me to get my bootay to the y after work today :)

mini friend rant starting now...

can someone have a rebound with a lizard? i suspect that my friend is attempting to.

she recently broke up with her boyfriend and suddenly wants to buy a bearded dragon and she even commented about how she considered an iguana... wtf. she has never owned a lizard and is one of those people who get bored easily. i think she just wants a hobby and/or thing to care for, but really? a bearded dragon? i think she has talked herself out of it, but i'm trying to provide her with other ideas to distract her from her "boyfriendless misery". for her, but also for me... one can only stand so many conversations about the capacity of another one's dvr. she needs some hobbies stat.

thanks for listening blogville.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

it's past my bedtime

my mind is wide awake, damn you brain!

this week is a good week... i've decided.

i will work out, eat right and laugh often.

i better try and sleep... not much else to say... hopefully some noteworthy shenanigans will occur.

Monday, April 20, 2009

420 and all is well

the meeting went well, it ended up being a "later in the evening meet at a bar for a drink" type of thing. i was nervous because i know he is a great, intelligent person, because she is. i didn't want to look stupid and/or boring. this makes me sound kind of sad, but i'm usually not like that at all. i'm very outspoken and confident. i think very highly of her and knew i wanted to like him. it was nice and we only bored him slightly with high school stories. i gave her the audio book version of john hodgman's "the area of my expertise" for her bday. they drove from new york, so they'll have the car trip home to listen to it.

i was laaaaazy this weekend. i was taking care of my mom's beagle who fears me. it bums me out (i usually have a very good rep with all animals). it was good though, i think she was much better by the end of the weekend. she was letting me pet her without stress yawning. she started following me around and was nudging me to pet her more. she is from a puppy mill, so she has fear of people in general. but besides the dog duties, and one night out... i was in my pjs loafing around all weekend. good rest, but i still felt quite unproductive.

saturday night (the one pj-less time period) i went to see the show altar boyz. soo funny. it is a musical about a religious boy band. it was one of those shows that you leave with your face hurting because you laughed/smiled so much. good stuff. boy band lovers would find it extra hilarious.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

this feels like a blind date

or how i imagine one would be like... since i've never actually been on a blind date...

tonight i'm meeting up with my best friend from high school. she went to college in another state, where she met her boyfriend of now, i think, over 3 years. i visited her at school before she met him, and i've seen her every time since then that she's visited wi... but this is the first time i'm meeting him.

is it weird that i'm nervous to meet him? it'll be fine i know, but it still is surprisingly nerve wracking. maybe it's that cliche dream of eventually being married and living next door to your married best friend. i mean, if we don't get along we can't sit on the porch and play canasta (sp?) in our old age, lol.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what? no. really? yes.

calendars don't lie, or do they?

it has been 6 months since i said "i can do this", and i'm still doing it. i can't believe how far i've come and the motivation i still have to keep going. i'm amazed at my progress, but i'm also completely aware of the areas (cough exercise cough) that i can improve on. don't get me wrong, i exercise... but i want to have a more regimented plan. it's a work in progress :)

weigh in: 190.0

what? yes. read it and weep... i mean don't cry, unless it's tears of joy for me then go forth and cry all you want. ;)

i heart all of you who read this. muah.

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter exploded everywhere

i survived easter unscathed by the peanut butter eggs that i used to looooove... i think i'll have to avoid the store until i know they are all gone though... because the only thing more luring than a peanut butter egg, is a peanut butter egg on clearance.

i did indulge in a couple not so wonderful food choices, but they were all conscious decisions... rather than impulsive, sugar induced madness. i claim the holiday another success on the food front. i did forget the y would be closed though, so an extra work out will be thrown in during this week.

i'm inching towards the 180s... even typing that feels wrong. it will probably take a while, so i have time to get used to the idea.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

recovery week... or post-weekend reality

last weekend was fantastic. i drank, i ate, i played pool, i watched movies, i played bananagrams and drinking jenga. i ate mostly on plan, but not entirely... so this week is a "i hope to maintain my last week's loss" week. and i'm fine with that... i think.

i'm terribly impatient, and man oh man is the weight loss slowing compared to the beginning.

i realized recently that i'm failing miserably water wise, i just stopped making sure i get my daily dose. i'm on my second 32 oz bottle this morning, so far so good... besides the whole peeing frequently nature of drinking loads of water.

i hope you are all well this mornin' or whenever you read this :)