Friday, January 30, 2009

your average 7 year old boy

the weight i've lost so far is equivalent to the weight of an average 7 year old boy. that's creepy, and puts it in a weird perspective. thank goodness i don't have to carry that bugger around anymore!

weigh in: 213.6 - feeling better about the gigantic challenge of "onederland" which by the way always makes me think of the movie that thing you do because at first they spell the band name "wonders" as "oneders" and people say o-knee-ders... i love that thing you do and steve zahn.

weight lost: 50.4 (average 7 year old boy according to random internet calculator was 50.6)

over 50! but also kinda anti-climactic. no big changes it seems. yay anyways!!

i'm thinking of trying acai juice. even if it doesn't help weight loss, it has tons of great nutritional goodies in it. has anyone tried it? i've heard good things, but don't want to spend the big bucks on it til i get a few more opinions, lol.

weekend plans: clean room (that seems to always be on the list), visit friend who is living in a very "oscar & felix" situation, sleep late and read in bed, look over my budget plans, remember to buy tickets to the jonathan coulton concert in feb. (haha using blog as memory tool)


  1. My opinion: you're right. Its not a magical weight loss supplement. It won't drop the pounds like the ads say. BUT, it probably does have some good nutritional value. ALSO BUT, you probably could find that same nutritional value at your local grocery store or health food place for a lot less money.

    I would research it before you do anything!

    Good luck!!

  2. hehe, grats! I used to measure my weight loss in dogs. Here's my 50-pound dog.

    I never thought to measure it in children ... you are right. Creepy! But a very big achievement!

  3. thanks girls!

    brandi i'm sure you're right, i won't be jumping in just yet. finding alternatives will be a great way to find what will work best for me.

    and oct, thanks! your progress makes me happy and aware that it can be done, i just have to keep at it!

  4. I used to measure in dogfood bags since with two giant breeds I felt as tho I was always lugging that stuff around :)