Friday, January 23, 2009

itty bitty living space

my room is somewhat clean for my sister visiting... and a bunch of my clothes are somewhat shoved into my closet, but that's ok. i have too much stuff to fit in my small room with my big bed. btw big bed is totally worth a lack of other living space, i could live in my bed.

weigh in: 216.0

first off, woah i've been exact on the pound 2 fridays in a row. i think that's weird. and bummer, only one pound lost. it was expected, i failed miserably on exercise this week and i think that is the culprit. i'm fine with that and i'm ready for next week. bring it on biotch!

off to party with the fam and friends over the weekend!

catch ya on the flipside.


  1. I agree about the big beds being worth it. I barely have room to walk in my room, but who needs room to walk when you have a big bed to sprawl in :)

  2. I love your attitude! Bring it on it :)

    Keep up that attitude and I'm sure next week's weigh in will surprise you :)