Friday, January 9, 2009


so it's friday and thus my chosen official weigh-in day for the week... at least for now.

scale says 220.6 and i'm pleased. so that's down about 1.5-2 pounds depending on what i consider my last weigh-in. for one week i am very pleased.

there is a snowstorm here today and my car's brakes are shot, i have to push all the way to the floor to stop and then i'm not really sure if i am actually stopped. scary in general, but uber scary when it's snowing like a mad man outside. i have it scheduled to get looked at today, but the snow might hinder that. maybe i should just buy a new car... i've been saving up for one and i was hoping that this one would last a bit longer. i wouldn't buy a new car, a recent used one probably. i already have enough student loan debt, so i was hoping to have enough to just pay for at least half of it and i'm not there yet. i guess i'll decide based on how much the repairs will cost.

please think good thoughts for me around 3pm when i leave work, i'll need it.


  1. Wow, great job on the weigh in!

    And eep! scary car stuff :-/ Please get home safely!

  2. YOU SHOULD be PLEASED!!! :) You are doing great! Keep up all the hard work!

  3. redelurking to say that snow stresses me OUT (uh, the driving I mean :) not in general)

    I shall be sending good vibes your way.