Wednesday, January 21, 2009

down with the sickness

well, i'm not sick. but i've just been really draggin' this week. missed one day at the y and i think that might have increased my general malaise the past few days. i've kept ok food wise, but i did partake in lc products like tortillas and a chocolate bar... no regrets. i have to clean up my room as it will be the guest room for my sister while she's visiting and then get ready to see a bunch of people i haven't seen since last spring.

i'm hoping less people notice the weight loss or don't say much, i'm not feeling the whole chatting about my weight loss right now. sometimes i'm gung ho, "yeah i'm doing this and it's working and it's great!" but i'd rather just have fun and relax. shouldn't be too hard with my crowd.

i think i need a little boost, so i'm headin' over to the weigh we were. seeing real life examples of success make me wanna stick to my plan, especially when i'm feeling a little blah like today.


  1. Everyone has down moments, days or even weeks. Its totally normal and to be honest it actually helps cause you feel even MORE motivated when you bounce back.

    You're really doing so so great. I am so proud of all the hard work and success you've already had :)

    Good luck tomorrow and with the rest of the week. You'll find your stride again!

  2. it's hard huh? to redirect people when all they wanna chat about is weighlossweightlossTELLMEWHATYOUAREDOING.

    hope today is a better day!!