Sunday, January 25, 2009


i'm back! the weekend was fun and tiring.

confession number 1: i got more than a little intoxicated last night. it started off fine, i was drinking diet coke and rum. then because we were celebrating my belated bday one of my friends bought me the three wise men (jack, jim and jose). the bartender did not understand the order, and mixed all three together. she also overcompensated quite a bit with the tequila. the result was 3 double shots. i took two and forced another friend to take a bullet with the third.

i survived and it was a great time. i feel good knowing that it was a once in a very long time occurrence.

confession number 2: this morning at brunch i ordered an omelet that came with toast and potatoes. i ate about a quarter of the potatoes and a half piece of whole wheat toast. i felt bad doing it, but i'm proud that i left the 3 other pieces of toast and mound of potatoes be.

car shenanigans again. this time my sister was in an accident (she's ok, but the car - not so much), so she is borrowing my mom's car and my mom will be using my new car. car shuffle! so this week i will again be walking to the y after work.

off to watch psych! i want to be in a james roday and dule hill sandwich.

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  1. Hey. I think you did AWESOME by eating some tasty stuff in moderation!! GOOD FOR YOU :)