Monday, February 2, 2009

gimme some sugar

i love linda. her recipes are amazing, and her listing of nutrients with both granular splenda and liquid splenda inspired me to finally try some liquid sweetener. i am kinda weirded out by the idea of liquid sweetener and the fact that i must order it online, but... i saw a link for ez-sweetz. i paid less than 3 dollars shipping and handling for a sample. it's an itty bitty baby bottle, i've lost it a couple times already haha. it says it has 180 drops in it and 24 drops equals 1 cup of sugar sweetness. worth my 3 dollars.

i avoid eating sweetener in general, but it's nice to have some recipes with sweetness sometimes. it takes the edge off if i'm craving something i shouldn't be.

my first two experiments with it were cole slaw (i loooove cole slaw, but the granular splenda was making it a bit too carby for my menus) and linda's broccoli crunch salad. both turned out wonderfully. i took the cole slaw to work and the guys devoured it, i was sad i didn't have more lol. i haven't tried any baking with it yet, so that will be my next experiment :)

here's a pic of the broccoli crunch!


  1. Wow you are hardcore! I'm impressed!

    There are a few diet foods I want to try, but only being able to order them online makes me put it off.

    Like have you heard of PB2, that powdered Peanut Butter? Anyhow, sounds yummy.

  2. I always wondered if that liquid sweetener was any good. Thanks for letting me know :)