Friday, February 20, 2009


today i declined a part time job offer. it was too far away and too late at night. it was a good decision and i will find a different one. it still disappoints me though, grrrrr.

thanks for the comments people! you are all fabulous. i don't care how much i lose this week! well, as long as i don't gain hahaha. today is an "i feel thin" day, so i'm feeling awesome. AND IT'S FRIDAY!! i really haven't gotten enough sleep all week, so i'm lookin' forward to some quality bed and me time over the weekend.

omg i bought sunflower seed kernels a couple days ago. DE-LICIOUS, but salty as hell. it's like eating salt... delicious sunflower seed flavored salt. i made the wise decision to leave them at work. that way i won't go crazy on them over the weekend :)

1 comment:

  1. sunflower seed flavored salt, lol

    A better job will come along :)