Sunday, February 15, 2009

holy mackerel

4 month low carb-iversay! i started on october 15, 2008. i weighed in today at...


on low carb that's a total of 56.8 lost! and 60.8 total! (after i finally weighed myself in august)

here's a little comparison photo - the red garb was for a badger football game! and it's actually one of the better ones, some are just too terrible:


  1. Super awesome! Way to go! That is REALLY amazing, and you look great!

  2. thanks you guys! written down it seems like a lot, but i still have a ways to go... a couple days ago i changed my goal weight on my ticker from 195 to 175, but that's my first big milestone... onederland and then just a few pounds later getting out of the obese label status.

  3. you are doing an awesome job!! keep up the good work!!