Wednesday, February 11, 2009

shut up brain

i used to think too much about exercise. my mind would dwell. i would talk myself out of things or make deals with myself... like if i was not feeling like exercising as planned i'd tell myself as long as i did it the next day or as long as i ate very well that would be fine. thinking like this and making those decisions always ended with regret. the time spent exercising is far and beyond worth the energy and happy endorphins it produces… let alone the health benefits that result.

i had one of those arguments with my brain yesterday… by 2pm i had decided that i could skip the y as long as i ate well that evening. luckily, the brilliant weather yesterday and a little bit of logic kicked in and i auto piloted over to the y after work. it felt good to overcome that illogical train of thought. i know those arguments will still come up, but i'm glad to know i can overcome them too. here's to a new way of thinking!

yesterday food wise:
breakfast: burger patty (lol, yeah it looked good idk)
lunch: s/f jello! green beans and roast beef
snack: cold hot dog :)
dinner: chicken salad and fresh spinach (delish)

48 oz water
12 oz diet coke (it was staring at me)


  1. I have the exercise argument with myself

    it's ridiculous. But I always choose to work out, and end up feeling wonderful.

    Way to go!

  2. I'm so with you on that one. It's so easy to convince myself I don't need to exercise. Which is really sad because I do enjoy it.

  3. Yay! I have thopse arguments with myself all the time. I wlawys feel that I achieved that little bit more each time.

    Also, what is it about Diet Coke? Is the whole world addicted (myself included)? Diet Crack maybe?

  4. It seems as though the hardest part for me is actually getting geared up to do it ... once I'm in the midst of exercising and even afterwards ... it's enjoyable ... lol ... I just don't get it!!!

  5. I have those arguments all the time! I win a lot of them, but sometimes...not so much :)

    Good for you for getting to the Y!!

  6. Don't you just love it when your auto-pilot makes you do stuff!

    Way to go on the menus!

  7. i love you all. i think my brain got mad at me... and now it's trying to escape my skull. i've had a terrible headache since leaving work and trekking around to my job interviews.

    you are all so right, i feel awesome once i'm in the act of exercising, it's just getting myself there lol.

    i need to pass out as soon as possible, i will catch up on all your shenanigans tomorrow!

  8. Awesome job! Keep up the good work!