Saturday, February 14, 2009

pink hearts everywhere

happy valentine's day! tell everyone you love you love them, but don't necessarily go all commercial holiday crazy on them. :)

i kinda failed at keeping up with the posting of foods... woops! for the last 2 days i've essentially had taco salad for every meal. my mom brought home "left overs" from dinner at a friends house and apparently they made enough for a family of 12 to have 4 dinners. it's crazy how much taco meat was in our fridge. bad news because i loooove tacos and i tend to eat more than i should... AND the store bought seasoning has sugar and more carbs than you should be eating on a carb conscious plan (i would normally just season the meat with cumin and other delicious taco spices).

oh and i didn't forget to weigh in, i just haven't yet. i started low carbing on october 15, 2008, so i thought it would be fitting to weigh in tomorrow on the 15th for my 4 month anniversary. it's not gonna be too exciting especially with the loads of taco meat i have consumed in the past 2 days hahaha.

i will post my weight here tomorrow whether or not i have time to make a weigh in video for youtube, so you'll be the first ones to know the results for da week.

love somebody today, people like that ;)

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  1. I'm sure you'll post a great number for your 4 month anniversary.

    And sweet sentiment btw! :)