Thursday, February 19, 2009


this week isn't planning out so well... at least in the weight loss arena. i think there will be a loss, but a very small one at that. i guess it can be expected after the pretty decent numbers the last few weeks, but i'm impatient! i will have to wait until my body realizes i'm still serious :)

i think i'll measure tonight. i've only ever measured my waist. i will do more tonight, so that i have another way to track my progress (sadekat told me to). it's too bad i didn't do it sooner, just from the waist numbers i know i've lost quite a bit. i still have weight to lose though, so it will be good for weeks like these where i may need a reminder that health and weight loss is much more than the number on the scale.

chai's and cyagirl's switch to counting calories intrigue me and i think that might be a great idea for me in the future. (i'll put links for their awesome blogs later, i'm at work and emailing this post lol) i think for now i will concentrate on a clean induction style food plan and consistent exercise. i went a little wild and crazy with cheese and dairy this week :) i live in wisconsin.

side note: damn those california cow commericals!! they anger me. cows don't like to be hot! i often yell at the tv during those commercials, gah! ok, end of california cow rant.

in non-weight loss news, i'm going to book club tonight! it's my first time and i'm excited. i'm meeting two friends for dinner and then we're going together. i have no idea who is in it besides my two friends and i have no idea where it is, haha. i did read the book though, so i've got that down.


  1. YOU CRACK ME UP...but those commercials are annoying :)

    Good luck with your weigh in. I'm sure you're doing just fine!

  2. You're doing great. And sometimes the scales get a bit grumpy and don't behave themselves. I know. I am hoping to call truce with my scales sometime in the near future, but I can't help thinking that they are rebelling against me and just making up numbers to really p*ss me off!

  3. Glad to hear you're taking your measurements, I think it will really pay off when you have times like these with the dirty old scale :)

  4. I started calorie counting this week and I gotta tell you I love the results so far! On the cow front we have a saying here in Nevada. "Happy California cows eat good Nevada hay!"

  5. California cow ads should not be allowed in Wisconsin. Grr