Friday, June 26, 2009

jon bon jovi's bootay

he likes to shake it... end of story.

summary of the bon jovi concert experience: the audience was as hilarious as i hoped... bikini clad ladies, middle-aged women who have obviously been fans since the 80s and have refused to change their hair and clothing style... and drunk men singing without abandon who love jon bon with all their hearts and souls. sambora was awesome. their drummer was sweet too... and about 4 feet tall, i swear.

week 6 of c25k complete. 2/3 done! that's scary and awesome. today i ran for 25 minutes straight. over 2 miles running (jogging), ain't too shabby. this was really rough, not gonna lie. i don't think my body was happy about it today, i was already willing myself to continue after the 5 minute mark. i was thrilled to have the energy to do some weights after my run though, it feels like a more complete work out if i can manage that.

busy weekend ahead, sister's wedding shower tomorrow... i think i may need to re-assess my menus. i've been steady on the exercise, and the food might be slacking a bit. i might be over thinking things... i do that a lot.


  1. I do love some Bon Jovi. Classic rock crowds are worth the ticket price alone. :)

  2. I agree with Tricia, classic rock crowds are awesome. I have to tell you about one of my friends. She still to this day has her big 80's hair and still wears her makeup and jewelry in that 80's style as well. Blue and pink eyeshadow (half half on her eyelid, split down the middle) She wears blue mascara that is lacquered on. She really cracks me up, she refuses to change her style. Oh and she has fake fingernails that are over an inch long!!