Friday, June 19, 2009


today i'm smiling, so everything will be okay.

this week was exhausting. i'm drained, so i'm hoping a long long sleep this evening will do the trick. thank you so much to everyone who commented this past week, it's nice to know you are all there even just in cyberland. hugs to you all.

today i'm smiling because after work i went to the y and completed week 5 of the couch to 5k. i didn't think i'd be able to do it. 20 minutes straight running... more like jogging at my speed ;) i listened to my own music since i didn't have any speed changes, i think that helped a lot. once i hit a mile, i was smiling for the rest of the run. it blows my mind that in high school, that was my most dreaded day... the mile in gym class. and now i'm doing it for fun! (well it is slowly growing on me, i think the milestones are what keep me interested) it was hard, but i did it... that's the story almost every week. each week surprises me.

and of course this past monday was my 8 month mark. so i've got a weigh-in to post.

june 15, 2009: 174.8

it was a good month, i think i have my new exercise routine to thank for that. i'll be recovering from this week for a little while, so i'm hoping to be solidly in the 160s by next month weigh in. omg. 160s... that's crazytalk. holy crap. and now that i wrote it down, it sounds absolutely insane. like i'm jinxing it or something. time will tell, lol.

thank you so much for reading and commenting! i really wouldn't be able to do this without all your support. you guys are the best, muah!


  1. Oh my, oh my - 20 mins! Did you say 20 mins? 20 mins straight, without a breather?? That is fantastic!! I am so pleased for you - woo-hoo! (sorry about all the exclamation points but really, it deserves it).

    Sheesh 20 mins...

    and to top it all - a fabulous weigh in. You are doing so well, I like the monthly weigh-ins, much more sanity inducing than weekly (or even daily!.)

    Here's to thte 160s - yay!

  2. 20 minutes is great! I remember when I got to that point. The 20 minute run seemed like a huge step for that point in the schedule, but it also taught me that running is 90% mental. Runners are hot!

    Great weigh-in!!!

  3. Wow. Congrats! Fannnn-tastic! Keep up the good work! x

  4. You are doing an awesome job!! Watch out 160.s!!!