Thursday, July 2, 2009

i love a paid holiday

today is my friday, i hope it's yours too! one of my best friend's birthdays is on the fourth, so celebration madness is about to occur. i'm driving directly after work to meet up with my college folk for concert on the square (the symphony orchestra in madison plays outside in the summer), followed by a show at the comedy club. more celebrating throughout the weekend.

last night i really wanted to go to summerfest, but my friend ditched because of the weather... but i went anyway! i actually really enjoyed going by myself. i'm a fan of people watching, so i got my fair share. there wasn't really any band i was going to see, i just love summerfest in general. i ended up watching "the band of heathens" full set, and i highly recommend them. they are from austin, and they are brilliant live. i would call them blues/country. i always reserve judgment on musical acts til i see them live, you must be good live to be a musician. i looked them up and they will be on austin city limits sometime in the near future, check em out yo.

i'm happy to say i successfully lost half a pound for jack's challenge! congrats to anyone else who participated and kicked that half pound's ass!

i was packing this morning, running late and forgot food for lunch!! :( i leave at 3, but i'm already thinking about food. doh! oh and i'm on track c25k wise. tomorrow will be the last day of week 7? idk what week, the one of 25 minute runs.

happy fourth everybody! i think in addition to celebrating my friend's birth, i would like to start a tradition of watching the episode of it's always sunny in philadelphia titled "charlie goes america all over everybody's ass". i love a tradition, lol.

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  1. Congrats on the half lb weight loss!