Monday, June 8, 2009

my body hates me right now

moving complete. i out did myself in many ways this weekend... and i have the crazy bruises and sore muscles to prove it. i was happy to help my friend, but my body was dead by the end of the weekend. as i type this, my forearms ache. luckily my couch to 5k run was saturday morning before the moving occurred, but depending on how i feel after work today there may be a 1 day delay in the schedule... i really really don't want to do that, so i'm hoping a lot of water and stretching throughout the day will help.

on saturday's run, i got a side ache... most likely related to the alcohol consumption friday night and not enough water beforehand... but the hundreds of stairs and heavy lifting both saturday and sunday were definitely bonus work outs :)


  1. There's no workout like moving. Glad you survived it.

  2. It is the hardest workout ever! Bet you burned loads of calories. Hope you manage your next C25K session, OK!

  3. i was like the best moving friend ever! she owes me big time, haha.