Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bicycle race is playin' on the radio

nothing like a queen song to lighten a blah day.

it's tuesday. it's been one week since my laptop got stolen. yeah, some bastard done stole my laptop out of our house... soo creepy. losing my pictures (only the last few months but all my progress pics) was worse than losing the laptop, it was 3 years old and ready to be replaced. i'm not sure how much longer i'll last without my own computer... but maybe that will be refreshing.

on the up side of life, i'm still on schedule with couch to 5k. yesterday was week 3 day 2 and that 2nd 3 minute run was challenging yo. aaand my mp3 player died in the middle, so i had to clock the last 2 run/walk combinations... worst thing ever.

p.s. i wish the thief would have stolen my scale.


  1. Queen rocks!

    Hint of advice. The motto that I got from that program is that running is 90% mental. 9 times out of 10, it is your head getting to you telling you to stop. You can do it! You're doing great. And runner girls are hot! hahaha

  2. I used to love Queen and saw them twice in my teens, but after 3 years of living underneath a man who played them constantly, I have a pathalogical hatred. Sorry, you probably didn't need to know that, but I just had to get it out.

    I can't get up to 3 mins running yet, it is slow progress. Well done on getting through it sans music - looking at the clock is torment!

  3. thanks anthony! mind over body will be my new mantra. week 3 is over and i'm pumped for 4. being a hot runner girl is like a dream of mine, hahaha

    oh no! fat[free]me, i'm sorry you had some bastard ruin queen for you. you are right, clock watching is the worst! i'll remember to charge it from now on though, lol.