Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All the cool kids are doing it. I am more than excited to join JSKAHAHAPC (Jack Sh*t’s Kick-Ass Half-Ass Half-A-Pound Challenge). The funny man himself has challenged those who enter to lose half a pound in a week... all bets are off bitches.

In other news, I rocked out Week 6 Day 1 of C25k last night, came home and felt the sudden urge to watch White Christmas... maybe it was the sweltering heat, so I did and loved it as always. I love an old movie musical. Snow, snow, snow, snow, snooooow!! Send a crooner my way.

Today's so far so good... had some delicious brats for lunch and now I'm in the planning stages of cleaning my room... in that I just thought of it. The next few weeks are gonna be crazy busy... starting with the BON JOVI concert on Thursday, the first day of Summerfest! I'm not a huge fan, but I know it's gonna be a fun/hilarious time.

I never use caps... and in this post I did... I'm feeling weird about it. I've decided to put full blame on Jack for this oddity as the caps resulted from my copy and paste of the challenge name. Darn you! :)

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