Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i am a fan of tuesday mondays

i like it when the week starts on tuesday. maybe we can work on that happening every week...

the weekend was super fun and tiring! a few things i learned over the long weekend:

1. the ymca rocks for having the away program, allowing me to use their madison location and keep on track with the couch to 5k. yesterday was week 2 day 2!
2. i am too used to getting up at 5am... so staying up til 4am was not a good idea.
3. i have terrible short term memory sometimes... i borrowed my friends house key when i went to the y monday morning... and i still have it! i'm going to the post office after work to mail it back to her. luckily she has an extra.

we again ended up with free tickets to the brewers game tonight, so i'll be taking in some more baseball. i hate to go and leave early, but i also hate to leave tickets un-used... hmmm.

oh and i weighed in this morning 180.2 and i'm good with that. i'm trying to not be bothered by the scale (and of course failing most of the time, haha), but to concentrate on the couch to 5k routine. i will be starting weights again to go along with the running.

happy tuesday monday!

1 comment:

  1. I like it when the working week is shorter too!

    Way to go with sticking to the C25K routine while away - that is great.

    Keep up the hard work, you are doing so well!