Wednesday, July 15, 2009


weigh in: 167.6... bachelorette party included HOLY CRAP!

i have lost 100 pounds. i've discovered that if i tell people numbers, the surprised reaction they respond with makes me feel more like they are thinking "oh my god you were that huge!" rather than "wow, what an accomplishment!" i think i'll just share with you for now. 6 more pounds and i'll be at the very tip top of the "normal" weight bmi range for my height, but i'm not where i want to be yet (body or fitness). my weight loss will be slowing and eventually ending, so i'm planning for the next step. increasing my fitness level and keeping exercise a priority are my main objectives right now.

my last week of c25k approaches. i plan on running in addition to some kind of organized weight program after i complete c25k. i have to do some research to figure out what'll be best. suggestions are welcome!


  1. 100 lb! 100 LB!! Fantastic! I know what you mean about the reactions you get, funny lot those slim folk. Oh, you are one of them now - heh-heh!

    Seriously, that is brilliant - the next few pound will be run off in no time.

  2. That is so awesome. And I totally know what you mean regarding that look of omg. I try not to tell people how much I've lost either now, but you guys I will always be able to tell and know you understand. Yay for my blog friends! And congrats to you.

  3. You rock! I think most everybody has problems when asked about weight loss. It's not that we're not proud of our accomplishments (we are!), it's just hard to admit, even to ourselves, that we let ourselves get in the shape we were in.

    Anywho, great job and the weight loss (not so much on the punctuation).

  4. Wooow! Congratulations!!
    100lbs. Amazing!

    I may be extremely jealous of your results, but that doesn't stop me from being SO happy for you!
    I think we all deserve some new before & current pics! ;-)