Thursday, July 9, 2009

whipper snappers

i just wrote out a long winded post, and then the igoogle blogger gadget deleted it! bummer major. i'm sure it was longer than necessary though. here's a summary of the lost post:

- drank a lot july 4th weekend, 3 days in a row
- we realized we're not as young as we used to be... or maybe it's that we just don't drink every weekend
- i ate on plan most of the time
- the scale was kind monday, was up a bit but not as much as expected
- i am in week 8 of c25k
- my step-sister's bachelorette party is this saturday, the wedding is next saturday
- i don't have a dress for said wedding
- i swear i'm on plan most of the time, these posts make me look like a lush!
- i need to post more often and catch up with all of you too... i miss ya!


  1. LOL, I have given up any booze at all (apart from the odd teeny-tiny beer), so I envy you your indulgence. I can't survive a heavy drinking session these days either, so don't even try now.

    Well, go buy a new frock - at 175 lbs it will be a joy to shop!

  2. Sorry for being so MIA lately. I have been incredibly busy, but still keeping up with my fitness as usual. I am ending Week 1 of my new half-marathon training schedule that I am doing with a couple of friends.

    Do you have Facebook? MySpace? You are doing excellent! Only 15 lbs until your goal weight!!!!