Monday, July 27, 2009

monday monday

morning all! another weekend filled to the brim has past. was summer always this busy? this is only my second summer with a full time job, so i guess i am not used to scheduling all the festivals and summer fun around work, lol.

germanfest was this past weekend, and you know i was there! my sister won a tuba playing contest, for serious (she does not actually play tuba... but she did get a first place medal that is engraved haha). we listened to a band from germany named chikera (i liked to call them shakira). they played traditional german stuff, who the hell is alice about 15 times and american wedding reception classics... like shout. it was entertaining and fun.

i then visited a friend who lives in the boonies... a mostly farmland area of wisconsin (like many areas of wisconsin). more fun was had and on the detour home i got some nice cow pictures. you can expect a detour picture log this evening. :)

i'm done with the 9 weeks of c25k, but not with a 5k yet. i'm trying to decide whether to increase time and speed, or to just increase time until i can complete the distance. i really enjoy doing HIIT on the treadmill, so maybe that will help with my endurance as well. considering that's how the first few weeks of c25k are designed, it may just work... hmmmm. and of course, my higher intensity portions are at a much faster speed than i can maintain for longer intervals. but i get equally sweaty ;)


  1. I think when (!?!) I complete the 9 weeks, I will alternate, one week increase speed, the next week, distance. I like the idea of the HIIT stuff though, apparently that is a good way to burn calories. Hmmmm, still I am just starting week 6, so that is a way off yet.

    Glad you had a good weekend, sounds like fun!

  2. Sounds like you had a BLAST this weekend :) Great job on getting through those 9 weeks of c25k!! Keep up all the hard sweaty sweaty work!!

  3. Germanfest sounded like fun. I assume there was beer and food involved as well (which is definitely my kind of fest!).

    I have no idea which is the best way to get up to the 5k, but I think I'd go with the distance first then build up the speed. Completely uneducated answer, but I wish you luck in getting there!