Monday, March 30, 2009

woah nelly!

i've been absent. sorry. i'm not sure why, but i keep thinking of the blog... but not actually writing on it or reading other blogs for that matter. i had a ruff 2 weeks in which i just kept at the same weight and it started to irk me. i finally saw a little progress, so hope is not lost! i guess that probably attributed to the blogless few weeks, but really i'm just kinda blah lately.

not much else besides my plans for next weekend... it's cabin weekend! which means a bunch of friends meet at a cabin to celebrate one friend's bday... much food, alcohol and fun is had. i'm really not worried about it, it's at a house so i can bring whatever i want in addition to the meals we are making as pairs and it's gonna be a much needed break from monotony.

i'm so sorry that i haven't been around at least commenting on your blogs... i hate that i can read at work, but can't comment! boooo. i send my love to you all!!


  1. Hey glad to see you post :), I'm stalling out like crazy right now. I need some of my "hooray" spirit back from Jan. Have fun at the cabin!

  2. whew! I was wondering where you were!

  3. Hey no worries. You are doing fine and I'm glad you got to see a little progress! Don't lose hope. YOu are seriously kicking ASS :)

  4. Hello, i have been lurking on this site for a while, just had to post this time. You are such an inspiration to me, i have 100+ lbs to lose, seeing your progress just makes me know that i can do it too. You are awesome.