Saturday, March 7, 2009

a smidge of happiness

weigh in: 202.8!! you better stick biotch!

happy saturday everyone!

you know what's especially not fun... buying new, smaller bras. i'm gonna have to do that today, i'm thinking i'll just be going down in the band size... i hope. i wanna be like "weight loss gods no, i want those!" i already had to purchase new bras once in this process and the cups happily remained the same. when i started using the smallest hooks on my bras i felt soo weird. i've always had to use the last hook on any bra i've ever owned.

well, if it gets me a smaller, healthier body overall, i can handle
missing a little boob. :)


  1. You are getting so friggin close to onderland! I'm jealous! Great job!

  2. I love the new sidebar photos. You look great in pink.

    Grats on your awesome progress! Yes, you'll be going through the onderland gate very very soon.

  3. I am so jealous! You are sooooo close to onderland, you have to do a special video when you hit it! I dream about the day I can buy smaller bras. Make sure you get a proper fitting, it will make all the difference. You can usually get them for free. The woman at my bra store told me to come in for fittings every 20 lbs lost (whatever!)

  4. you won't miss them after awhile:)

  5. Haha, you crack me up!! But it is true...eventually the weight will fall off a bit just enjoy knowing that they're still there. They are just gonna be a little smaller :)

  6. oh man...I can't wait to buy smaller bras!!!! I'm so jealous...haha...all is know is that when I've lost even a little weight in the past its come first from the chest and I actually think it makes me look like I've lost more weight than I actually have because its practically the first thing people notice about me as a heavy women - my big boobs...and I hate that! So I'm looking forward to smaller bra's :)