Tuesday, March 17, 2009


it's st. patrick's day! for the past four years, i've spent this day in a drunken stuper dressed head to toe in green.

now that i'm not living in madison and working full-time, that's probably a thing of the past... until it falls on a vacation day or weekend... then i might just be obligated.

this year though, i'm gonna go to the y after work, eat a sensible dinner, catch up on some blog readings, watch some 30 rock and catch some zs. a relaxing evening, but i can't help but hear the little voice in my head quote avenue q... "i wish i could go back to college". :)

on the weight loss front... not much, still chuggin' away but not seeing as much progress as i'd like. i know it will slow down, but i don't want it to yet! lol. when the losses are slow, it makes it that much more difficult to stay on track... "if i'm not losing i might as well not exercise today" or "if i'm not losing i might as well have this s/f chocolate". it's hard...

it makes me think of how proud my grandma says she is of me for losing weight... and how everytime i just brush it off (partly because i don't like being pointed out and because sometimes i like to pretend i never was that big), but really it's an accomplishment. i hope looking at it that way will keep me on the straight and narrow plan wise.

to a healthy week!


  1. Are you at least wearing green?

  2. Yeah at least have a green beer while you catch up on blogs! :)