Wednesday, March 4, 2009

shakin' booty

second day in a row was a little ruff, but i survived and successfully completed my planned workout. i remembered to make lunch for today! yay chicken and green beans!

i also realized that i'm going to madison thursday night right after work, soooo i can't workout that day (unless i go insane and get up at 5am to go before work). i will most likely partake in some alcoholic beverages that evening... so i will make tonight's workout extra rigorous :)


  1. Oh alcoholic beverages...they can make a night so much more ridiculous :)

  2. Impressive!

    And I vote for workout harder tonight, waking up early sucks :)

  3. I agree with Dina, work out harder tonight. Who wants to get up early when it's cold out to go to the gym?

  4. and? did you rigor? I do think its a good plan...knowing that you will go and have fun and LIVE!
    life isnt all about healthyweightloss all the time---or you (ok I :)) rebel.


  5. yes, rigor was my decision and i'm feelin' it this morning! (my arms especially, i might have to abandom the old 10 and 2 while driving today lol)

    today will be a very long, but fun day. wish me luck!