Monday, September 21, 2009

toora loora toora loo-rye aye

meet tallulah! one of my friends said the name made her think of the song come on eileen, hahaha.

the weekend was raucous. we had a grand ol' time, and my camera battery died immediately upon arrival... so here is the one and only pic i had on my camera from the weekend... of bubba franks the cat, he's not a fan of the papparazi...
i hope to get some of the many pics my cohorts took. it was a good time, but i think i may have caught a cold from one of my cabin folk :( i'm doing all that i can to prevent a full blown chest cold, but it's looking grim. if you think of me, think clear nasal passages and a full night's sleep... here's hoping!


  1. you need a dose of my sure fire cure all!

    A hot toddy!

    cup of hot tea w/ a shot of whiskey & a squirt of honey & lemon.

    Gulp down, hit the hay and sleep like a baby. Stay under the covers no matter how much you sweat.

    Gauranteed to work or your money back.

  2. Holy Moly that is one ADORABLE puppy!! :) I'm glad you guys had fun!!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you stay as healthy as possible!!


  3. Tallulah is a pretty perfect name!

    Glad to hear you had a good time! But colds suck! I hope you're able to get rid of it quick! My solution is lots of vitamin C :)

  4. Where are you CHICA??? :) I hope that puppy isn't running you ragged!