Thursday, September 10, 2009

darn you pants!

the 3 day weekend was nice, but i somehow ended up extremely tired/crabby/sassy on monday evening. it made the whole weekend seem lackluster, and i think it related to me having a couple oc moments with food. i really needed to eat those darn baby dill pickles!? like it was my job. and by those, i mean like 20. pickle binge!

i somehow stayed on track exercise wise. sunday: 2 mile jog, monday: 2.33 HIIT outside!, tuesday: epic ymca pants fail followed by shred 1&2 in a row...

the ymca pants fail made me soo mad! i bought these new workout capri pants about 2 weeks ago, they are a large and are somewhat low rise compared to what i'm usually comfortable with. they are cute though, and i feel good in them... or did. they've done well so far, but tuesday night they were determined to fall off... hardcore. i was fine during the fast walking warm up, but as soon as i switched to jogging, they continuously slid down, blaarg! and i know everyone will say it's a good thing... they are loose yadda yadda, but i'm convinced they are merely stretched or something, they are a large! i sense it may also have to do with the increased speed of my jogging, since i'm a movin' a bit more. i'll keep them for a less motion filled workout like pilates and switch over to shorts (aaah shorts! big steps people) for my jogging.


  1. YAY SHORTS!!! I used to have a pair of pants like that too. They NEVER stayed up. It was probably a combination of lost inches AND being more active. Gravity is NOT friendly sometimes :)

    Keep it up!!

  2. Hard to believe that a pickle binge didn't work out well in the end...

    You'll get your mojo back and show those new capris who wears the pants in this family.

  3. Man, I have the same problem with workout pants. If they don't have a drawstring, they won't stay up! Kills me!

  4. *pretends the pants falling down issue is WHY i don't have workout pants*


  5. Hmm, pickle binge. Sounds like a band name :D

    Kicking ass with the exercise!

    Haha, I've had the old pants falling down problem. My new shorts have a drawstring, and I have to tie it up so tight it almost hurts to stop them from falling down :D