Thursday, September 17, 2009

mother trucker

truckin' along. workin' for the weekend... because this weekend is another college friends cabin extravaganza!! i'm making us tacos friday evening! yummos. i hope to get some choice pictures to share with ya'll :) we tend to take a lot of pictures when we're together, lol.

i'm feeling good about the week so far, but the weekend is quickly approaching. i will go to the y right after work today. do laundry and weekend trip shopping tonight. the pupster is doing well, no name yet... but i have til tomorrow (self imposed deadline). she is very good at doing her business on newspaper when no one's home, and she seems to be getting used to the schedule i've devised for her. of course, still adorable as ever, and she is teaching my mom's beagle (the one rescued from the puppy mill) how to truly play!

i don't mention my weight much, but i am still a daily weigher. and i missed my monthly update! this past tuesday marked 11 months yo. i am happy/irritated/proud/disappointed/confused/excited that i was able to maintain for the past month. maintaining a normal healthy weight is what this whole jazz is about, so that brings me the joy/excitement. i even had a doctor's appoinment last week! my first physical since high school basically... because i avoided the doctor like the plague, lol. ashamed of my weight, ashamed of my body... you know the old story. i knew i needed to go, and i weighed in at the doctor at 156.8!!! on the doctor's scale, in the middle of the day with all of my clothes on... (i wore lighter clothes and flip flops on purpose, hahaha). she was very nice, and like most things you irrationally fear... it really wasn't too bad after all.

at this point my weight fluctuates up and down between 153 and 158. i am in dire need of toning up, so the exercise bug better stick! i want to be healthier, i want to feel stronger and i want to feel confident... i've made huge gigantic steps in each of those areas, but this is for life and i'm ready for more!


  1. You are doing so so so good!! I'm glad you are feeling great too :) AND congrats on the doctor visit...its never good to put off making sure you're all A-OK simply because of that stupid SCALE!! I still get on the scale backward so I can't see it haha. Ridiculous huh?

    ANYwhoozle, I'm so so so excited for you and all your awesome goals, health and otherwise. Keep working on the fitness part and the toning will come in due time.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  2. That's awesome. It really is all about maintaining the good work you've done. Stay accountable tho, because this sh*t can sneak back up on you in a double-quick hurry.