Friday, September 4, 2009


i often joke with my family about my future career in the senior ladies pga tour... i don't golf... at all. i mini-golf like any good person, and i may have gone to the driving range once with my dad when i was 12. golfing never really appealed to me, but my theory is that since i have yet to try it... it's possible that i'm awesome at it, hahaha.

a few days ago, one of my bosses started chatting with me about the city golf outing scramble. he also mentioned that one of their foursome may be bailing and that he has a set of ladies clubs he bought for his wife last christmas. today he said if the guy drops out i'm welcome to join them and that it's just for fun... i said i'd consider it. hahahaha, if this actually happens, it will be an anecdote in the making. i can just picture a scenario in which i hit someone with a ball and/or club. i may take a little trip to the driving range tomorrow to see how terrible this could go, and base my decision on that. this might be too hilarious to pass up though and maybe, just maybe... i'll start training for my career in the slpga (they don't use that acronym, but i do, lol). side note: a while back my brother looked it up and you only have to be like 45... wtf, that's not senior people.

3 day weekend! woot woot! i started it off with a trip to the y after work as this week's schedule included a HIIT session today. i decided to push out for a longer run. and i ended up with this...

3.5 miles in 40 minutes 20 seconds, that's my farthest distance and a slightly faster pace!

the schedule seemed to keep me on track this week, but i think most of my motivation came from all of you, seeing all the awesome progress in the blogging world... you guys are inspiring whether you are re-dedicating yourselves, owning your work outs or spreading positivity in general! and those who struggle own it too. today i love that word... seems strange right? to love the word struggle... but it indicates that you are wrestling your demons and working against odds. you aren't lying down or giving up, you are struggling to achieve whatever goals you have your mind set on. you are all in.

cheers to a brilliant 3 day weekend if you have one! i surely hope you all do :)


  1. truly awesome post! :-)

    YOU are such an inspiration.. you are doing amazing with your running!!


    Glad you had a great 3-day weekend. Keep up all that hard work. I love readin about it!!

    Oh and I is highly likely you are amazing at one can confirm or deny that til you try it haha. I'm convinced I could be one of the worlds greatest archers...but I've never picked up a bow ;)