Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sleepy head

i went later than normal to exercise last night at the y and holy toledo! there was a convention of attractive men... i may need to re-think my work out schedule, lol. i have noticed when i'm running or working out next to someone who is pushing themselves... i tend to as well. really it can be a man or woman, no difference. in fact i usually feel more challenged by the strong women in the gym. they are serious.

i slept through my "wake up now to run alarm", but the extra sleep was needed and quite enjoyable. i will either fit the run in somewhere this evening or go tomorrow mornin' instead. either way it'll get done! i may just take the pups for an extra long walk. they are always down for a walk, and it's also an excellent cure for the ever classic stare-at-the-computer-all-day work induced coma.


  1. Happened to wonder over here from another blog and thought I would check things out. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

    If you get a chance swing by my blog and say hello.

  2. I too am inspired to push harder when someone is on the machine next to me during cardio. With weights it doesn't make a difference actually.

    LOL @ "sea of attractive men"