Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm sailing away

i joined a sailing class! we have one more in classroom session and then we are off to the boats. i missed the first class, but it's been fun so far. i am most definitely the youngest person in the class, but old people can be fun :) my current goal is to friend a boat owner!

last saturday i decided to take my first jab at 10k, and i did it! 1 hour 13 minutes, slow pace, but i never stopped and felt quite fantastic after. i'm thinking i will easily beat that time in a week and a half at the madison marathon version. i didn't realize til after i had done it that it was the 15th! 1 year 7 months and counting :)

i then proceeded to drive to madison and have a raucous night with my college girl friends. it was lovely and hilarious. there were bicycle rickshaws and good times all around.

i'm feeling terribly blah today, one of those... daydreaming about napping instead of exercising days. my bed is just too comfy!

1 comment:

  1. Good job girlie!! That's freaking awesome :)

    The sailing class is awesome too. I wish with all my might that Kansas wasn't so...UNfilled with water so I could do something like that.

    Good luck finding a boat owner friend!!