Thursday, April 22, 2010

i missed march!

i've become this really lame haphazard blogger. march went out like a lion... right?

i killed the gre, but felt completely inept during the actual test. my intellectual self-confidence is very similar to my self-confidence in general... shaky at best! lol. i'm still waiting on a few references to send in their letters, i will be reminding them this week in fact (one is particularly forgetful in that crazy old lady professor way). soon i will know if grad school is in my near, or distant, future :)

the last few weeks i've fallen into a funk. i think that's why i felt the urge to post... blogging really helps me reflect and well, i miss it! i'm still maintaining at slightly above 150. i recently found and love his way of thinking. i perused his book, primal blueprint, at the bookstore and just got a copy from the library, but the blog has almost all the information that's in the book. i lost my weight when i switched to a low carb way of eating, and the primal blueprint plan (both nutrition and fitness) really matches what i'm doing, but infinitely better.

i signed up for a 10k (which is completely against the fitness ideas of the aforementioned primal blueprint, but i am excited to just complete it). most of my "running" these days is a slower pace jog. i realize i'm never going to be an endurance competitor, but i'm fond of a challenge!

in order to not jinx my blogging habits, i am not going to say that i will post more often... in hopes that i do :)

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  1. Thanks lady!! And welcome back :)

    I've missed reading about your life. I am glad to hear you smashed the GRE!!

    Keep us posted on things!