Monday, May 11, 2009

holy cow

i swear yesterday was april 15th.

i had a fun-filled weekend... friday night the brewers beat the cubs in a great game. danny gokey sang the national anthem and of course my voice was hoarse by the end of the game, i'm a yeller. saturday i went to the milwaukee public museum for the titanic exhibit and enjoyed all my childhood favorites like the bison running of the cliff diarama and the lifesize igloo. i love history, so museums make me happy. the titanic exhibit had a huge chunk of ice to indicate how cold the water/iceberg was, it was a great exhibit. and then we saw wolverine! i kept calling it blade trinity 2.0 because both feature ryan reynolds abs... and i ain't complaining. even as deadpool he is hot, it's like sean patrick flannery as powder... weird, but hot. i digress.

mother's day was relaxing. dinner at the grandparents and a little golf/baseball with grandpa. then my mom and i went to see 17 again. i was entertained, but lt. dangle from reno 911 (i'm sorry i never remember your real name) was my favorite... hi-larious.

i had grandma left overs for lunch, so i'm full and happy. i'm off to the y after work and a little cleaning might be in order this evening... my closet may have exploded all over my room this morning... can i just say that sometimes i hate clothes!


  1. That's awesome that you love history. There's not too many of us out there. I have a M.A. in it now, I love it so much. hahaha

  2. sweet. my BA was a double major history and political science. i hope to get my masters, but i'm too indecisive at the moment.