Thursday, May 7, 2009

i wish it were friday

man the weekend can not get here fast enough! i think staying home sick messed with my sense of time. i'm feeling much better, thanks for the well wishes! although i'm kinda post illness lazy, lol. i'm kickin myself in the tush today and heading to the y after work.

did i say i got a new phone? cuz i did! it's red and has slidey key pads like a swiss army knife... it also plays music! i don't really know how to use it properly yet, but i love it. i dropped it already... of course, but it survived.

i made some delicioso cole slaw last night and grilled some chicken with a new no salt seasoning i found, so lunch should be a good time, lol. it's a good thing i have no boyfriend because i am on a serious garlic kick, haha. looove it. the no salt seasoning has many things... including garlic :) i decided that my two favorite seasonings in the whole world are celery seed and nutmeg... because one is the essence of cole slaw and the other the essence of eggnog. the end.

ps. i couldn't find my new/favorite sports bra this morning, and i'm super bummed... i guess my work out will just be a little more jiggly with the older one i was forced to take haha


  1. I have a personal question for you..... I too have big knockers and look forward to the day when I have lost enough weight that my boobs get small. At what point did you see a difference in yours?

  2. HA HA Jiggly boobs. I lurve my workout bras, but can't decide which is the lesser evil, jiggly boobs or a una-boob. I wish there was a workout bra that would life, separate, AND keep 'em tight to the chest.

  3. I can not read the word "deliciouso" without hearing Dora. Life with a 4 year old...

    Good luck with the jiggle!

  4. Nothing wrong with big boobs! :-D hahahaha

    Sorry, had to be a typical male for a second. But in all seriousness, I am glad you are feeling a bit better!

  5. haha nice anthony. thanks for the concern everybody! it went well despite the extra jiggle.